“I ONCE FUCKED MY SISTER” Nigerian man gives biblical reason for sleeping with his sister and cousins

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A Nigerian man identified as Zeromni Freedom has taken to Facebook to justify his reasons for having s*x with his sister and cousins. According to the man, Cain did the same in the bible so there is nothing wrong with siblings having s*x with eachother as long as it is consensual.


People always shy away from this question : “Where did Cain get wife?”
Who did cain fcuk? If the bible story was real, or let’s assume it’s real, cain must have fcuked his sister. Now , the story may not be true, but so many of us have fcuked our blood sister and brother or cousins but we kept it secret because our environment frown against it so we hide it and keep it secret.

In some countries, it is legal for siblings or relative to marry each other and have s*x. The truth is that ,there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with incest. People create law to make it wrong and we grow with that mentality that it’s wrong. Animals fcuk each other , they fcuk their siblings and enjoy life. We too are animals, we are more intelligent, yes. But we experience nature the way other animals do too.

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When I fcuked my blood sister , it was long time ago. We were playing on bed and she had only her short skirt and pant, we didn’t know when we kissed and start romance and we fcuked . It happened like 3 times and I also fcuk one of my cousins .it was consensual. We both want it. We kept it secret until we outgrow the feelings and they are married now .

The truth is that if many of us will be honest and truthful, some of us had fcuked our relatives. We just kept quiet about it because we don’t want people to know the truth. We keep it secret because we don’t want people to blame us or condmn us. But it’s life it happens.

Now, I am NOT talking about forced s*x . You don’t have to rape your sibling or cousin because you have a sexual feelings for them. Thats wrong. The feelings must be mutual and you must both consent to it before it happens.

If you see it as bad and wrong, don’t do it. If your country have a law against it, go to another country where it is allowed. Live your true life. Enjoy your life as it is. If there were truly a Cain then, he must had fcuk his sister.
If the story is a myth, then take a study of all of animals and find out if they fcuk their siblings, if it’s true , which I know it is, then why should human be any different?

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