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I have come to realize that Nigeria being a blessed country filled with both human and natural resources may crumple and possibly fizzle into segments of disintegrations and smaller units of individual states in a short while no matter how long it may be passing through its incubatory process to deliver this dream.

We are caged in a historical movement and had caught up with the law of generational myopia. A situation where we are born in a system that defines who we are more than we can imagine. Of a truth, we have to set a new tone for progress in all sectors but most importantly in our political setting.

Without doubt, I know that this piece of write up will be considered to penetrate into all senses of reason and wisdom. Men and Women of the good intellect and the people of active potency can be allowed to preach this gospel. This can make its understanding simplified to its lowest common multiple.

From creation, one can bring this point to argue that I have never seen any achievement come to manifestation without an equivalent action that moved it to be. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void and darkness were on the face of the deep. Though the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters and God brought it to reality by the action he invested through his voice and there was light. Here was there any action?

Nigerians in Diaspora
Nigerians in Diaspora

Action can be defined as the initiating of a proceeding in a court of justice by which one demands or enforces one’s right; also the proceeding itself which is the bringing about of an alteration by force or through a natural agency.

Webstar dictionary also defines action is an operating mechanism and the manner in which a mechanism or instrument operates.
Action can also be the price movement and trading volume of a commodity, security, or market.

Over here, as the topic implies in Nigerian content, what kind of action is Nigeria taking to reconcile the anomalies in the polity?

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Can the political contingents in the field of play jettison all forms of politricks, lies, selfism, brigandage, greed, mundane policies and showmanship and sincerely focus on the actual reasons that brought them to power?

In Nigeria what has brought all tribes together is the uniformity and the desirability of good government to develop the society and improve the social amenities of men on earth. Apart from this point of mine, I do not see any reason for the political leaders to switch to the negative gridline of posing punishment and starvation on humanity.

The people that have in one way or the other brought politicians to power are regretting their actions. It is crystal clear that the politicians can manipulate and truncate the logics in the election process to enforce themselves to some positions of power but what the outcome of such a manipulated process is the unanswered question we are seeing in the entire system.

If truly the people will be allowed to vote their choices of leaders and the vote is something to hold unto, then better leaders will emerge than the present where virtually all the system is stagnated.

I can assure my readers that when one arm of government is hampered it is unarguable that the remaining arms will be weak. Even as a human entity impaired citizens are given special attention because of their disability.

In Nigeria, can the leaders tell the populace the simple truth of what is happenings in the government circle?

Basically, there is a constitution of the federal republic applicable to all the states of the federation but why are some states far better than others. The answer from my egalitarian point of view is that individualism of governors and political gladiators have derogated governance to a zero significant and if nothing is done hastily to retract our stand, the entity called Nigeria may fizzle.

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In Imo for instance, Successions of government have thought Imolites the difference in the application of governance. I have come to realize that some governors just came to answer names, maybe to be mentioned in the historical archive of Imo state as one-time governor, house of assembly member and commissioner and so on. Even at the local parlance majority of the political, traditional, religious and community leaders are the worst to reckon with.

The few that are eager to work for the people are being possessed by the corrupt system and nothing will be left behind them to help the masses grow. This truth is the major cause of the suffering being witnessed in the circle of leadership in the country.

But we can get rid of this mess by changing our attitudes and coming together to fight injustice in love and sincerity. Our sense of politics and its politicking tendency will make a good impact to save lives and develop the society.

Students of history can bear with the philosophy which stipulates that Politics, like other social sciences, has a scientific character because the scientific method is applicable to its phenomena, viz the accumulation of facts, the linking of these together in casual sequences and the generality from the later of fundamental principles of law.

‘I want to also state here that as much as human existence differ from region to region, so also politics differ from state to state and from one place to another.’

Again I have spoken, it is a lesson of history in a political setting just like a country or a state like ours, that a people, a sect, a community, a region, a clan, a kingdom who are denied a share in political power are also denied a share in the benefits of power. In such a political state, stagnation becomes the substance of leadership and technological advancement will decline. No doubt, the land will definitely quake’

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In all, it is the primary responsibility of government to create a good environment and the desired conditions for private enterprise to flourish. Our youths need such empowerment to direct their energies to fruitful ventures just like countries like China, Korea, Japan etc have excelled in technology. Behind this method, the centre will not hold.

I remember the Nigerian forbears and their exerted efforts to unite Nigeria. Dr K.O. Mbadiwe once said “when the come, comes to become, we shall know the political timber and calibre’

Moreso, I can agree with my literal buddy who once said that “Hero- worship is strongest where there is the least regard for human freedom” Indeed if men were God, the sun and the breath of life would have been taken away from us spiritually, politically and otherwise.

In all, I wish to rest my pen by saying that sycophancy and moral genuflection which has remained the pattern of an inherited leaf through in this clime must cease, hence, the government must translate these two principles to action, firstly, the fidelity to the objects of the government and secondly, having the knowledge of the means by which those objects can be best attained.

I wish the entire political world good as we are hopeful that subsequent political outings and elections in the country and continent at large will borrow a leaf from the recent decision of the American electoral college which installed president Biden, otherwise, a continued tempo and speed of politics will affect development and technology and great things may spring from casualties.

Princely Onyenwe writes from FCT Abuja.

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Princely Onyenwe A seasoned Investigative Journalist, Civil Rights Activist, and Political Analyst, Currently Editor and News reporter with 9News Nigeria www.9newsng.com www.facebook.com/9newsng

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