IPOB: Man responds to Nnamdi Kanu’s live broadcast challenge

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Prince Okey Emezu
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Prince Okey Emezu
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Man who addressed himself as Prince Okey Emezu has taken to his social media timeline to send a text response to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s challenge to engage in a live broadcast debate with any body who does not agree with what IPOB and Biafra agitation stands for.

In his response, the man had written that he wouldn’t have responded to Nnamdi Kanu’s invitation considering the fact that it wasn’t a direct invitation. He said however that he has decided to respond to what he believed to be a rhetorical statement, because he was heavily tagged to the post of Nnamdi Kanu’s invitation by his followers.

Recall that on 17th June 2020, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had challenged those who have antonymous views or do not believe in the Biafran agitation, which IPOB champions, to engage him on a live broadcast to air their views.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had said that he needed three people who do NOT believe in Biafra agitation or IPOB’s approach to topical issues, to co-host the LIVE broadcast with him in the evening of 17th June 2020.

He had said that the three individuals should ideally have backgrounds such as a Christian religious scholar of outstanding intellectual ability, an intelligent Nigerian patriot, and strangely a native doctor of sound mind.

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The real as posted on 9News Nigeria platform:

In case you missed my response to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu challenge for a debate.

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I wouldn’t have responded to that because it wasn’t a direct invitation but a rhetorical statement I believe. And because I was heavily tagged to Nnamdi Kanu’s invitation by his sycophantic followers I will submit thus:

That I Prince Okey Emezu represents millions of Igbo citizens who do not want to be part of Nnamdi Kanu’s shameful activities and are afraid to say so, we do not believe in him, do not believe in any agitation so ever because there is no one but glamorous swindling, tricks and rackets.

I and millions of other Igbo citizens are sick and tired of your approach and the shame you are causing our people. I am ready to stand and tell the world (even in the same platform with you but not on your radio with your mobs and gangs) why I believe this to be a grand scam and would want you to drop this nonsense for peace to reign in Igbo land.

Please change your mind bro and let the Igbo society be the best tribe it has always been. I love my tribe and wish her to remain a peaceful one and a peaceful place. In Nigeria, we are the richest, the best, most brilliant and and that is why we are dominating. I am sure you will not be able to face the backlash of your confrontational behaviors against these other federating tribes.

@Prince Okey Emezu

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Prince Okey Emezu
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Prince Okey Emezu
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  1. Biafra has been a nation of defense but not originally established. But now it shall be properly established and shall be a country if not in Nnamdi Kanu’s time. Our time to come ok mr man.a also remember you are just one not all. So you just represent minority not majority. Biafra is light and Nigeria is delay and hot button for crippling people’s DESTINIES. Besides how many times have you challenged BUHARI to term Fulani herdsmen terrorist or you are afraid to talk to him like you respond to Nnamdi Kanu. Can you prove to us IGBOS that are being terrorized here in which you claimed to be representing and Be a man also to challenge BUHARI and his inability to tackle insecurity and nepotism in his government in the country this same way you tackled Nnamdi Kanu. When you becomes man enough to tackling Nnamdi Kanu’s mistakes as a as a man who’s mentality is absolutely ok then you tackle generally because there are many things to be tackled ok.just one question how many times have you and that your acclaimed one million Igbos tackled BUHARI and his government the way you tackled Nnamdi Kanu since you want to tackle wrong doings? Answer me. Do you also know that that your one million Igbos that are attacking Nnamdi Kanu to be senseless and nuisance,i irrelevant mouthpiece because he’s calling on people to defend themselves later ended up in saying the same thing that Nnamdi Kanu told the people earlier on after them (ur types ITKS) claiming to be this and That and that Nnamdi Kanu is nothing, or were you not aware? Who later became the fool and senseless ones ? This is how you will be claiming “I too know them all” till things turns to another dimension where you and that your acclaimed one million Igbos will still be claiming They know it all. Use that your wisdom and intelligence to bring solution to poverty, economic and political clampdown that is battling the south. Wish you will see this because am already angry at your stupidity, foolishness and illiteracy. illiteracy is not only when you passed the four walls of the school but when you have something wise and know how to channel it And give solution to the right problems not not channelling your efforts to the wrong place to make less helpful arguments in the name of intelligence. Argue on the problems that brought about that separation in the first place if you claim to be wise and something in upstairs. Solve the problem with that your acclaimed one million Igbos that brought about IPOBS at the innial place “NO” then leave IPOBS alone “NO” you will say IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu is your problem can’t you see something is wrong with your vocabular area 24.

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