I’ve said Jesus isn’t the son of God, yet Christians are not killing me for blaspheming – Aisha Yesufu

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In several occasions, I have said Jesus is not the son of God, that he is only a prophet, yet Christians are not accusing me of blaspheming and they are not stoning me to death Aisha Yesufu tells fellow Muslims.

Aisha Yesufu a northern Nigeria activist admonished her fellow Muslims not to coerce none Muslim to buy into their beliefs and religion.

“…when somebody doesn’t share the same belief with you there is no point in forcing him/her to do so because there is no compulsion in religion” she advise.

She added that when someone whose religious beliefs differs from her utters an uncultured word about what she believes in, she would feel bad, but she will not wish him dead, plan to kill him or call on other Muslims to help her kill the fellow.

“In the other hand, I believe and I have said it everywhere that Jesus is not the son of God but a prophet, but Christians have never stoned me to death, Muslims should also be tolerant when faced with adverse religious beliefs” the activist advised

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