Mr. Peter Obi and distortion of facts at media spaces

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I still insists, Mr. Peter Obi chances of winning the 2023 presidential elections is vested on ethnic division and colouration that Nigerians gives attention to in every thing and not because of his Sainthood or attencedent as former Gov of Anambra State.

His Supporters should stop painting Gov. Obi as a saint. He is not one and doesn’t come closer of being a Saint or messiah of the Nigeria people.

Peter performed averagely while as the governor of my state. There was nothing specifically different from the reign of Mr. Obi and other governors in Nigeria. Most Anambarians knows this statements as fact.

In Anambra today, many people has sworn not to vote for Peter Obi and the labour party because of the sainthood his media team has painted him as, and not because they are not sensitive to the marginalized situation of an Igbo man in Nigeria.

However, I must give it him that Mr. Obi understands the game of swindling in politics. He is a perfect emotional player. He has succeeded in playing emotional cards with the collective interest of South Eastern’s in Nigeria politics and his oratory and timely leaving the PDP days to the party’s national convention scores him perfect in the game.

He is currently playing the same emotional cards with the CAN, PFN and other top religious groups associated with Christianity upon which some of us are fully informed with such political intrigues, but surely 2023 will serve as an eye opener.

Though, One disadvantage of Mr. Peter Obi’s 2023 presidential ambition is his lack of factuality. Obi is one man that exaggerates everything and this shortfalls is one lope holes his Media team may end up not coverring up easily, especially while facing Asiwaju and the Yoruba’s powerfully Media outlets in the same elections.

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One of such Job of the Yoruba media outlet is clarifying some of the Obi’s popular lies such as the video above where he claims to only own a house in Onitsha, whereas he owns a house in London with his full name “Gregory Peter Onwubuasi Obi” as tittle and it’s located at “No14 Osun Avenue, Cricklewood, London NN2 686” and I will advise my emotional overtaking friends to better de-activitate their social media accounts as so many truths will be revealed in days, weeks and months to come.

For us; the shock in this video is nothing to us as I have consistently not believed that any politician is a messiah nor saint, including Mr. Peter Obi as informations long available to me has it that there are already so many stories told by him (Mr. Obi) in public spaces that has been fact checked and found out to be untrue.

I think he should concentrate more in building structures at the grassroot that will help him in the forth coming elections, instead of creating more loop holes for the oppositions to make a mess of his sainthood in politics by avoiding too many media interviews in this campaign season.

Mmiri Jesus.

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