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Nigeria Covid-19 Action Recovery Economic Stimulus (CARES), N- CARES program is targeted to complement government efforts to boost the economy of the state.

9News Nigeria reports that it was a historic milestone in the efforts of the world community, the federal government and the state government, to holistically address the devastating socio-economic effects of COVID 19 pandemic which has stamp down the economy of the country and the world over.

In his address, governor Uzodinma said that it is a salutary programme that will sooner than later erase the devastation on the both the vulnerable and the economy occasioned by COVID 19.

The governor therefore used the opportunity to salute the federal government, under the able leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, for its unwavering resolve to better the lives of Nigerians, particularly the less privileged.

This according to governor Uzodinma has been demonstrated time and time again through the various laudable intervention programmes of the federal government.

However, the NG- CARES programme is therefore said to be another manifestation of the government’s genuine concern for the less privileged.


Uzodinma futher commended the World Bank for their support to Federal Government and indeed NG-CARES.

Of a fact, the devastating effect of COVID-19 pandemic on the world’s economy has forced many countries to restrategise on how best to save their populace from hunger and disease which are the direct consequences of the pandemic.

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Therefore, Imo State being part of the global community is not immune from those challenges, hence today’s ceremony which marks the official flag-off of the state wide training and sensitization programme on Covid-19 Action Recovery Economic Stimulus (CARES).

This programme as we all know was fashioned to mitigate the local effects of COVID-19 pandemic on existing and newly poor and vulnerable households in our state. It is envisaged that within the next 18 to 24 months, the objectives of the programme would have been realized.

The project development objective is to ensure food security and safe function of food supply chains in the 27 local government areas of the state. This will involve three component parts, namely, distribution of inputs and service provision including seeds and fertilizer and livestock inputs and extension services.

It will also require agricultural assets for production and mitigation of food losses as well as upgrading water and sanitation in the markets.

The state government working with World Bank approved guildelines is driving the process.

The governor stated clearly that the training programme is only but the beginning and that is why those who are involved must take it more than serious.

“On the part of government, we shall tackle the NG-CARES programme with the same zeal that we employed in fighting the pandemic itself. You can recall that the Covid 19 pandemic almost welcomed us into the office and through proactive measures and single-minded determination; we have been able to discharge our responsibility to Imo people”

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It is reassuring that the NG-CARES programme is intended to assist the poor and vulnerable in our society. That is also at the core of the shared prosperity agenda of this administration. Since last year, we have evolved several policies to help alleviate poverty in the state. Apart from ensuring that verified Civil Servants and Pensioners are paid promptly, we have gone ahead to rehabilitate critical infrastructure including industries to provide jobs for our people.

In his words, “Just last Saturday, we empowered 15,000 youths with Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand naira each to set up businesses of their own. Before then, women and other youths were similarly trained and empowered as a means of chasing poverty away from our state.

Again as a means of stimulating our economy, we are building roads across the state so that our rural areas would be accessible and the inhabitants can move their agricultural produce with ease to the urban areas.

“We have also created the enabling environment for the flourishing of small and medium scale enterprises in our state as a means of eradicating poverty.

“In this regard, the NG-CARES programme will complement our efforts to boost the economy of the state. Because this is a training and sensitization programme, those in charge should evolve innovative ideas that resonate with the ambition of our people to even swim out of poverty on their own. We should never forget who we are. We are resilient and industrious people who have the can-do spirit to overcome any challenge.

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“All we just need is a little push from government to excel. That little push is available to all that sincerely require it. We shall continue to play our part to ensure the success of the programme so that together we should surmount the effect of Covid 19 just as we are overcoming the disease itself.

“While declaring the program open in Owerri, the governor prayed for a successful training and welcome N-CARE participants to the eastern Heartland.

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