NOTICE: African Law Students’ Association Essay Competition

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African Law Students'Association Essay Competition
African Law Students'Association Essay Competition
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Essay Competition ‼️ NOTICE‼️

About the competition:

Legal essay competition will run from the 15th to the19th July 2021. There will be three rounds in this competition.

First round, will be on the 15th of June 2021. It will be dependent on writing skills, because for Law students writing skill is the most important. In the registration form there will be a column in that the participant has to submit a writeup on the given topic. From those participants we will choose the top 50 who are the best in writing.

The second round that will be on 18th July 2021, participants have to speak on the given topic for 3-5 minutes.

The last and third round, the top 5 participants have to present their PPT. This round will be on 19th July 2021.

African Law Students'Association Moot and Mock Competitions
African Law Students’Association Moot and Mock Competitions

Essays to be submitted between 8am and 4pm of any time zone. Markers will pay strict adherence to time sent vis – a – vis time zone sent from.


  1. Essasy must be in english
  2. It should range between 12 to 15 pages inc cover page and bibliography
  3. It should be well referenced with footnotes
  4. Font type – Times New Roman
  5. Font size – 12
  6. Spacing – 1,5
  7. Essay should be typed and justified
  8. It must be submitted as a pdf
  9. Cover page must contain the following: name of the writter, gender, national ID or passport Number , country of origin or permanent residence and a standard passport sized picture.
  10. No plagiarism will be entertained


Choose one of any of the following:

  1. Critically discuss with the aid realistic legal examples the loopholes and possible solutions to improve the judicial system in your country.
  2. Justice is mainly premised to benefit the aristocracy and the rich. Discuss with the aid of tangible examples on a global scale.
  3. Law is sort to be mainly punitive and reformative. With aid of authorities discuss.
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Essays to be submitted on the email:

You can start your essay today and can submit it till 15 June 2021.

Your Coordinator For This Competition:

Radhika khandelwal.
Contact no. 8239053147, 9079334425

Signed: TakudzwaTsikwa , Head Communications

Stay safe: mask up, sanitize and social distance

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