Scientist Designs Face Mask That ‘kills COVID-19’ in United Kingdom

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A new antiviral face mask which uses nanotechnology to kill viruses including COVID19 and influenza has been designed and developed by a Nottingham Trent University scientist, Gareth Cave.

A scientist and nanotechnology expert at Nottingham Trent University, Cave said the new masks are due to go into production in Nottingham late November and he hopes they will be commercially available from December.

The face masks will be available for healthcare, transport and food service settings, the Daily Mail reported.

The new mask is said to use a copper lining which kills the virus rather than blocking or trapping it.

The anti-viral face covering features a fluid-repellent outer layer that reduces the inhalation of droplets that carry the disease.

The face mask features five layers, including an antiviral layer made of nano-copper.

There is also a copper lining embedded in the mask which releases ions that kill the virus if they come into contact with it.

During tests, the face mask reportedly showed the ability to kill more than 90% of coronavirus and influenza viruses over seven hours, and had a filtration efficiency of 99.98%.

“The mask we’ve developed has been proven to inactivate viruses upon contact; the antiviral layer kills virus which has been blocked by the filter layers,” Gareth said.

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