Some undesputed truth about Gov obiano’s administration led under APGA.

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  1. Governor William obiano pays salaries and pensions on 25th of every month without any arrears;gratitude not included.
  2. Willy supports mission schools yearly with about 800 million plus provision of infrastructure and other educational essentials like ;equipping the science lab,school buses that place Anambra state in her enviable position in educational ranking in the country.
  3. Willy through his operation “kochapu face”1,2,3 supported the security forces through provisions of over 400 CCTV monitoring vehicles given to the police,army etc to beef up security in the state which in turn made Anambra state one of the safest state in the country.
  4. Willy through different programmes and policies has boosted Agriculture as Anambra state is one of the state that produces rice in high metric tonnes .He also gives out loans to Farmers through Anchor borrowers scheme.
  5. Gov William revamped the health sector by changing the infrastructures in our general hospital that includes provisions of state of art equipment in odumegwu ojukwu teaching hospital which he named after the Biafra war Lord and an illustrious son of nnewi. He also initiated ASHIA Anambra state insurance scheme which he used to bring an affordable health care system to citizens of Anambra state.
  6. Gov William through the ministry of environmental science ensures the state is clean. Gov William in other to ensure that women are not left out in this administration appointed women in different position such as ;commissioners and personal advisers and as well asmaking a woman take the lead in the Nigerian judiciary as acting CJ
  7. The term “Ebe oku na enwu na elu “which is use to address Anambra state came in existence during Gov William duration because of the numerous street light he mounted all over the state .
  8. Gov William gave every community 40 million each which is for “community choose your project”of which every community has about two good project they set up using the money .
  9. Last but not the least , Gov Williams obiano has constructed and control several roads,drainages,and erosions through Anambra state emergency response system,of recent he fixed the 100ft road gully erosion bedevilling the commercial city of nnewi with 3.5 billion,money which is estimated to have seen the construction of over 20 good road in nnewi.
  10. Williams obiano in that same nnewi has constructed over 14 roads with another gully erosion Anambra state is fixing in conjugation with world bank worth over 6.6 million at obiofia nnewi ,attracted by ogbuefi melie onyejepu SA budget and implementation.
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