Sule Lamido Reveals How Buhari Treated Late Yar’adua “With So Much Hatred”

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Lies, propaganda defined 2015 elections —Lamido

Lamido, who accused the APC administration of lying itself to power, also took a swipe at the President, describing him as “intolerant and vengeful.”

Speaking directly to the President, Lamido said: “If you destroy too much, one day you will also lead. Mr President, I am sure when you were coming here, you saw fuel queues everywhere. You are the Minister of Petroleum. When are you going to demonstrate and go on strike?

“Typical of you, APC, you have not been able to metamorphose from an opposition party to a party in government. Same old rhetorics. More blame games, more problems. Telling lies, that is what you are, your party, not you as a person.

“The election in 2007 was among three northerners who are Fulani. Gen. Buhari, Atiku Abubakar and Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. We are talking about tolerance and making sacrifices, which you (Buhari) tried to allude to.

‘’After the elections, PDP with about 27 governors and a number of local governments in Nigeria won the elections. The two other northerners went to the tribunal and lost; went up to the Supreme Court and lost.

“If you go by their pedigree, and again I mean no offence, Yar’Adua was the most qualified democrat among them. He was a northerner, a Fulani like them. He was not Ijaw. He was not Jonathan, but even at that, they never forgave Yar’Adua up till when he died.

Council of State meeting

‘’For the over two years that Yar’Adua was president, Gen. Buhari never attended the Council of State meeting. When Yar’Adua became sick, the pressure and harassment he went through in the National Assembly, some of us stood by him but we were not being seen as northerners or PDP.

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‘’When God took him, the first (Council of State) meeting that the then President Jonathan called, the first to be there was Gen. Buhari. It says so much about tolerance. It says so much about vendetta. It says so much about hate.

“Thereafter in the PDP, somehow, Jonathan ran in 2011 and those who are now preaching tolerance were not tolerant. He (Buhari) refused to concede and in the north, people like us were villified and blackmailed. I was called a ‘pastor’, a preacher because I had a contrary opinion.

“APC is telling us what government should do after three years in power. APC should tell us what they have failed to do.”

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