The Commercial Sex Trade: Lucrative But Dangerous

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Commercial sex hawking and hawkers are usually present anywhere in cities, states or provinces visited the world over. The business has become so lucrative to the extent that Cartels run by Barons provide services for interested or prospective clients who in return pay heavily for sexual gratification offered by these sex objects, where mostly young and recently teenagers have been included in the business.

To narrow down the scope, pimping and prostitution Cartels is seriously frowned at in Africa and especially Nigeria.

The commercial sex trade is said to be very lucrative in this part of the world, as revealed by some of the ladies involved speaking under anonymity “Veronica” (real name withheld) said on a daily basis, “I make  as much as N25,000.00 per night and on bad days I make at least N10,000 per night.”

Another lady “Nancy” (not real name)  resides somewhere around the nation’s capital said on a “good day” she makes as much as N50,000 – N60,000 a night, but quickly pointed out that, some of her clients were men of high profile in the society and not to mention that a lot of risk is involved in this trade.

When asked why she has not quit despite making so much money, she only laughed and said “I have lots of bills to pay and help in seeing my younger ones through school.

Speaking further “Nancy” revealed that sometimes there are really ugly incidents with men of the Police force or other forces for that matter. She mentioned that there was a particular incident involving a Police Sergeant who had taken home for the night and in the morning had decided to short-pay her rather than giving her the agreed sum, which resulted in a very ugly argument whereby she called one of her highly placed customers in the Police force, that almost resulted to the dismissal of the Sergeant from the force.

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The commercial sex trade has created controversies in most places and most countries, but is it a surprise that the biggest patronage come from highly placed men in the society, especially government officials. But like every trade, this trade has its own share of risks, which reminds us of the Libyan returnees,  which had ladies as the greater casualties. Some are either gang raped or are forced to take part in sexually depraving acts like having sex with animals and others into the hands of ritual killers.

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