2023 : “Disregard The Purported Endorsement Of Nwifuru By A Section Of Ezza APC Stakeholders” – Umuekumenyi Youth

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A group under the aegis of Unwu-ekumenyi Youth Movement has denied being part of a meeting scheduled to endorse the Governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, in Ebonyi State, Hon. Francis Ogbonnaya Nwifuru.

In a press release signed by Comr. Samchi Mgbada JP, (Ezza North LGA)- President General, Egwu Anosike Solomon, (Ikwo LGA)- Secretary General, Sir Nwiboko Andre O, (Ebonyi LGA)- PRO, Nwebor Alfred Esq. (Ohaukwu LGA)- Legal Adviser, Mr. Oseh L. M (Ishielu LGA)- Organizing Secretary, the group stated that it has come to their knowledge that
a meeting being convened by some leaders and stakeholders of Ezza Ezekuna scheduled to take place today, Sunday, September 4th, 2022 at the sacred Nchionu, Okpoku Ezekuna ancestral home in Onueke, the Ezza South Local Government headquarters is aimed at endorsing Nwifuru ahead of 2023 Governorship election.

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According to the statement, “this group, which translates to the descendants of Ekumenyi consisting more than two-third of the population of Ebonyi State drawn from the Central and Northern Senatorial districts; and part of Ebonyi South district(Onicha and Ivo Local government Areas) where they live in their reasonable numbers, authoritatively learnt that the chief aim of the gathering by the elders who are all members of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC Ebonyi State of Ezza Ezekuna origin and their ennoblers is to endorse and adopt as their own choice, the disputed candidate of the Party for the 2023 Governorship election and Speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Francis Nwifuru.”

The statement added that “Whereas, as ‘loyal’ Party elders, leaders and members, the ‘factional’ APC apologists who are mainly from the two mother Local Governments of Ezza North and South are at liberty to choose, endorse or support any candidate of their choice for the 2023 elections, this group gravely frowns at the desperation of the Ebonyi APC to drag the entire Ezza nation into such partisanship at this time in it’s history.”

” As a group comprised of reasonable and responsible youths of the great Ezza Ezekuna nation, we wish to clarify and posit for the sake of our envisioned posterity, rational equity and good conscience as follows:”

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The statement reads in parts,

  1. That this action is ill-motivated as we believe it is only meant to cause division, disunity and perhaps disrupt the existing peace and harmony between and among great Ezza Ezekuna sons and daughters as they are all members of different political parties.
  2. That we consider this action as a desecration of our sacred Nchionu Okpoku Ezekuna ancestral home where only decisions that border on the welfare and wellbeing of great Ezza Ezekuna sons and daughters worldwide are discussed and agreed upon only by “umu Ochimkpurus” (elders who such honour and privilege are bestowed upon) and who are divinely appointed or ordained for that purpose.
  3. That the said APC irredentists disguised as ‘leaders of Ezza Ezekuna’, is led by Hon. Innocent Ugo Chima- a one time House of Representatives member and a serving Chairman of the Governing Board, Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari. Most of the other leaders involved in this charade specially targeted at causing disaffection among the Ezzas are equally holding one appointment or the other either at the Federal or State level under the ruling APC.
    Some others are even bearing the tickets of the same APC for various elective offices ahead the 2023 general elections.
  4. That as youths, we rather advise these APC elders and followers who should have known better, the implications of their misguided actions and conducts to adopt any candidate they choose to without dragging the good people of Ezza nation, their ancestors and lovers into the mud of their shameful racketeer called endorsement.
  5. That we would not, we repeat, we will NEVER sit idly and watch our elders many of who are in the departure lounge of their political careers, derail our culture, traditions and customs, thereby making a mockery of our ancestors all in the name of their selfish politics for self aggrandizement.
  6. That this call for caution against their desperate political extremism has become more important due to the fact that a great Ezza Ezekuna son, Professor Benard Odoh is already in the Ebonyi 2023 Governorship race as the only leading candidate who’s All Progressives Grand Alliance ticket is not in any form of dispute whatsoever in the State. He is as a matter of fact, the most competent, credible and most eminently qualified by experience and capacity to pilot the affairs of our dear State. These facts, we are aware, are already being attested to by many stakeholders in the Ebonyi project across and beyond the Central, Northern and Southern Senatorial zones of the State which among numerous others include serving and past political, business and spiritual leaders and elders in Ebonyi and beyond.
  7. That the same Hon. Ugo Chima who played a role in the Ebonyi State creation struggle and some of his co-travellers have even spoken very glowingly about the candidacy of Professor Benard Odoh and expressed their public and private admiration and support for him as the best Ebonyi can afford at the moment. It will therefore tantamount to blowing hot and cold for the same persons who could not rally a majority of the founding fathers of Ebonyi State to endorse the said Speaker Nwifuru to make a detour and endorse him as the sole candidate of Ezza Ezekuna nation for the 2023 Governorship election.
  8. We ordinarily know Ugo Chima and the others involved in the endorsement moves as very honourable, reputable and gentle leaders with the interest of the people of our Ezza Ezekuna nation home and abroad at heart (unless they now prove themselves otherwise by their actions and conducts). We warn that they cannot therefore suddenly become a crocodile that eats fish from it’s own pond.
  9. We hereby invite members of the discerning public to please kindly disregard any form of purported endorsement of Nwifuru as the choice of Ezza Ezekuna for the 2023 Governorship election under any guise by the Ezza APC elders, leaders or their followers whatsoever. Such a gathering which we believe is rather induced than genuine is regrettable and should therefore be immediately wished away and discarded by every reasonable son, daughter and lover of Ezza Ezekuna.
  10. That great sons and daughters of Ezza Ezekuna worldwide who is the eldest clan in the entire Abakaliki bloc and who have contributed immensely in supporting other clans in previous elections remain firmly resolute in their quest to support their own in the 2023 Governorship election in Ebonyi State and no amount of monetized or purchased endorsement will stop or deter them from accomplishing their dream of supporting one of their own in the 2023 Governorship election.
  11. Finally, that having fought for the creation of the State and given tremendous supports to present and past governments in the State, our people cannot be railroaded into such an endorsement that reduces us to the status quo of ‘common blessers of cola nuts’ as the eldest son of Ekumenyi during public functions in Ebonyi. We are strongly determined to make a bold statement with the opportunity afforded us by the 2023 Governorship election that we cannot allow a portion of meat to be sliced and given to us from a huge cow meat that we should be equal sharers. In no distant time, the derailing elders, leaders and their followers will understand that we truly mean the 2023 elections business!
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Comr. Samchi Mgbada JP, (Ezza North LGA)- President General

Egwu Anosike Solomon, (Ikwo LGA)- Secretary General

Sir Nwiboko Andre O, (Ebonyi LGA)- PRO

Nwebor Alfred Esq. (Ohaukwu LGA)- Legal Adviser

Mr. Oseh L. M (Ishielu LGA)- Organizing Secretary.

(For and on behalf of over 5, 000 members of Unwu-ekumenyi Youth Movement)

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