2023: Tinubu’s Achievement In Lagos Is Enough For Youths To Encourage Him With Votes, Says Keyamo

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Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Mr. Festus Keyamo, SAN has disclosed that the All Progressives Party (APC) presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a wealth creator, adding that if elected as Nigeria’s president in the forthcoming elections, he will take the country out of the woods.

He also stated that without Tinubu, Nigeria’s democracy would have been grounded by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He added that Tinubu is a political, and economic genius and as such, all Nigerian voters should embrace him.

In his words, “The manifesto will be released and you will know exactly some of the specific issues. I mean on a micro level each of these points.

“Asiwaju Tinubu is a wealth creator. He’s an expert in wealth creation and what the country badly needs now is wealth creation. If someone who turned around the fortune of Lagos and the revenue of Lagos. Some people said the debt of Lagos also went up. Yes, of course, debt going up is an indication that you are now becoming creditworthy. With that heavy debt, no creditor is complaining.

“It is a different thing if creditors are complaining but when people are now dashing you money and begging you to come and take, it shows the highest level of credit worthiness. This is because of your capacity and response. So that is a credit to us. The debt we are talking about is a credit to us, not a minus. It shows the highest level of confidence that creditors now have in Lagos State so he’s a wealth creator and that is his strongest point and as I said will be in the manifesto.

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“And you can see people laughing at his manifesto and that is real. He talks about Cassava and Agbado which is a staple food. He’s talking about Agriculture already. Do you want him to talk pizza or Burger, is that what you want him to mention? These are a staple food in Nigeria. Cassava is Garri, Agbado is grains and this is going to solve our food problems. This is what we eat. If you ask me what will I eat, I will tell you it is cassava and agbada and what else because these are our national Food. When the bakers were complaining, they have to switch to cassava bread. If you think we should stop promoting our local food which is Cassava and Agbado, it is a big lie we need to teach our young people this.”

He went further to say, “For those who were not born or matured enough during the time Asiwaju was the governor of Lagos State, or for who did not experience how Lagos was before. I see a lot of people now, some young people who cannot enjoy the nightlife in their states, who cannot enjoy good roads in their states, they run to Lagos. They go to the club at night without hindrance and they are abusing Tinubu from the club that nightlife.

“It is an irony because you are in a state where you are living in peace. You are abusing someone who is the father and architect of modern Lagos. I’m sure you know how Lagos was with insecurity in the late 1990s, you know the problem at that time in Lagos. At a time robbery in Lagos was a common thing as well as chaotic traffic in Lagos.

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“I have said this once and I will say it again that Asiwaju reminds me of a blacksmith who toils and toils and trains his child to university, pays his fees and after the child graduates, he turns back to ask his father why his hand is so black and rough. That is what Yoruba call omo ale (a bastard) You turned back and abuse those who made it possible for you to be great.

“Without Tinubu, we will have a one-party state today. Tell the younger ones that at a point, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) wiped out all the parties in the south, and Tinubu fought hard to keep only Lagos. At that point, PDP said on a platter of gold that he should come to PDP so that he won’t face problems,” he added

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