Anambra 2021: Anambra Stands a chance of being Stronger with Accord Party

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As Dr. Godwin maduka urge every Anambrarian to go and get their voters card and vote “Accord” come November 6 Gubernatorial election.

By Nwankwo Paschal


Dr. Godwin maduka who is a frontline Governorship candidate of “Accord” made this declaration on the occasion of new month celebration, As his candidacy gets more acceptance across the entire Local government of Anambra state. “You are aware that Anambra Governorship Election is slated to hold on November 6th 2021. However, many individuals have in one way or the other tried to draw attention to their preferred candidates without any evidence of excellent leadership or humanitarian services”.

Therefore, let me take you to the diary of an impeccable personality we all know as Dr. Godwin Maduka. No candidate from either APC, YPP, PDP or APGA can boast of any massive infrastructural development initiated in his community through personal efforts.Dr. Godwin Maduka is quite exceptional. He built a world-class hospital facility, thereby providing an avenue for job creation among others.

“It’s unfortunate that we have been deceived for many years by the people we gave mandate to represent our interests but they end up neglecting the yearnings of the masses”.

“Attachment to Political parties is never a solution to our current situation in Anambra State today but a proven personality like Dr. Godwin Maduka that understands the needs of humanity”.

“The time has come for us to pay attention to individuals or candidates instead of political parties”.

“ACCORD 👍🏻 As a Political party is the number one party listed on the INEC ballot paper and has proven to be the best amongst all the political parties jostling to be in Agu awka”. In Accord, you can only be given the mandate to fly the party’s ticket based on what you have done for your community, which shows you have the capacity to replicate such development in other parts of the State.

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In Anambra State today, none of the candidates of other Political parties can challenge Dr. Godwin Maduka when it comes to the love for ndi Anambra and his extraordinary nature in considering humanity first.

“Let’s make no mistakes. The best option for us in Anambra state today is ACCORD👍 where evidence leads”, he added.

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