Baptist Family Shines On In Bowen -Interview with Grace Abimbola Oladipo, a 20 year old Graduate of Bowen University Graduated with First Class

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Can You lead me to Your profile?

I am Oladipo, Grace Abimbola. A 20 years old fresh Microbiology graduate of Bowen university.

Can you share me your experience in Bowen?

Life in Bowen has been educative, stressful and intimidating (cos sometimes, when I see some of my friends doing okay financially, I feel like doing what I’m not supposed to do.
But I thank God for being God over my life). Also, thinking about chapel services on Wednesday morning, and still go for classes. Thursday BSF service in the evening is not also left out whereby we have to go compulsorily even after the whole class stress.
Feeding has also been a whole lot ( Kudos to those that eat 3 square meal 😂😂). Anyways I would miss Buwa cafeteria’s white rice and beans and also their swallow.

How did you attain First Class even at your age?

Oh! Age doesn’t determine one’s success I guess🤔.
The first time I attended Bowen’s convocation (then I was in 100 level) I was really motivated to work hard and build a strong foundation for myself. So I made a plan of reading at night (which I must finish the exact part I want to before closing the book). I tried getting close to a girl with better grades in my department but she is a level higher than me, get past questions from her immediately they are done with their exams.

Secondly, I do not joke with assignments nor attendance
Also, when relating with course mates during exam/test periods I prefer to have read harder privately by going to the library, check for relevant textbooks before sharing and gaining ideas from my mates.
Lastly, I would say all was with God by my side.


What is Your Cumulative Grade Point?

What are your challenges in school?

There are so many challenges, I got tired of school during 200 and 300level in terms of finances the same I return all Glory to God almighty.

Can you remember what your parent told you before going to school?

They both told me that that I should not forget the child of whom I am
My mum do remind me of the fact that we don’t have today, but we would have more than enough tomorrow
And lastly, They both advised me , that my education is my first inheritance

Was Relationship a distraction?
No, it wasn’t

What is the Name of your Church and church pastor.

Redeem Baptist Church, Oke aro. Revd Timothy Sonde.
My Church pastor was so proud of me.

What is your advice for the upcoming Undergraduate

The ladder of success does not Care who climbs it
So climb and climb the top is made for you💯

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Emmanuel Oluwatomisin Afolabi (EOA) is a freelancing reporter with 9News Nigeria. A young and dynamic minister and lover of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He served as the Editor & Production Manager of the Voice Magazine. He obtained his National Diploma from the department of Mass communication, Ogun State Institute Of Technology, IGBESA (OGITECH), and studied Journalism and Media Studies at Alison (Online Course) He is happily blessed with his parent, Revd &Pst Mrs Daniel Afolabi and his younger ones, Timileyin & Mary Afolabi.

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