Breaking: Gov Okowa’s Aid Latimore Oghenesivbe Lambasted Okowa, CommissionerOf Information.

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Explosive: Gov. Okowa’s aide Latimore Oghenesivbe lambasted Okowa, Commissioner for Information

His words: “I have given Fejiro Oliver three months to change his mind about deciding to walk away from this government. Why I will quit if he doesn’t is because when he starts firing media bullets to this administration, I won’t have the moral justification to reply him. Rather than sit in this government and watch that happen it will be better for me to resign. I won’t respond to his attacks because I have not been treated fairly by my principal.

“What I have so far done for him has not been appreciated and so I am not ready to do any further. So, If Fejiro goes, I go. My situation is worse than his. If I can bear mine and stay why can’t he bear his and stay. For example I have been appointed since last year September till now and I don’t have an office; no official car. Since May 29th, 2019 that the governor was sworn in till now I have not been able to see him face to face. We only speak via Whatsapp and he will reply the messages he likes and ignore the ones he doesn’t like.

“How can I be EA Communications to the governor and not see him face to face. The government is not treating me well at all. It is zero treatment. Well it is understandable because of the way he structured the Media Communications department. He structured it to favour Delta North because the Commissioner for Information is from Delta North. Also, Manager Communications, Director General, Orientation Bureau and the Chief Press Secretary are all also from Delta North. Then EA Communications is from Delta Central. That is 1 to 4. So, I don’t have a voice when decisions are taken.

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“I am not using Fejiro Oliver as an excuse to quit. I am just saying he can’t pull out because he is not getting enough money. So if all of us quits who will be in the government. If he leaves I will quit because what I have done so far has not been appreciated and when he starts firing I won’t be able to do any more sacrifices then.

“I report directly to the governor and not anyone else and the one I am supposed to be reporting to can’t be reached. I complained to Hillary 5 months ago that I don’t like the way I have been shut out in this administration. He promised to schedule an appointment with the governor. He didn’t and now he does not pick my calls nor respond to my text messages. Is it not better to resign and go get a job and practice my law? But, I have not quitted. I gave Fejiro three months to change his mind. “

According to him, he has exhausted all internal avenues to be heard but he has been ignored, stressing that “when you complain and they do not answer you what that means is that if you want to go, you can go.”

When asked if he will change his mind peradventure the governor approaches him to address his issues, he said: “The state belongs to all of us. If he approaches me and attend to my issues and address my frustration, then I will have a change of mind.”

He continued: “I lost an appointment as the Chairman of a federal board. That office has an annual budget of 12 Billion Naira and 11 Milliion Naira as impress monthly to run my office. I was entitled to a Prado Jeep and a Hilux with official suite in Transcorp Hilton Hotel and two mobile policemen attached to me. I left all that for Okowa and now I am treated this way.

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“He is thinking that the media peace he has enjoyed is as a result of Aniagwu, the Commissioner for Information. Aniagwu is not a media manager. I joined the media since 1985. When I leave now he will understand that I am the one protecting the media space for him.”

Meanwhile, Latimore took to social media this morning to state his ordeal in the Okowa administration, but added that he will be ready to remain till 2023 if Fejiro Oliver, Publisher of Secret Reporters decides to rescind his decision of walking away from the government, adding that they both agreed in 2017 to work with and for Okowa till 2023

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