Breaking: Prophet Odumeje Has Offered An Apology To Late Pericoma,Aro Ndizuogu’s Family And People Of Awka.

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he Prophet who is based in Anambra was apprehended for abusing late Pericoma, Aro Ndizuogu’s family and the people of Awka.

Prophet Odumeje was caught in various videos insulting the names and people mentioned above. After some criticism from Pericoma, Ndizuogu’s family and people of Awka, he asked for forgiveness.

Odumeje had offered his apology, saying:

”My awareness has been brought to broadcasts on social media over the declared confrontation between me and the nice people of Awka and Arondizuogu people in Anambra and Imo states.

”In the said broadcasts, I was described as announcing war on people of these towns and their respective ancestral festivities and beliefs. It was also declared that I had promised to demolish Imo-Awka festival and put an end to the Ikeji festivity of Arondizuogu.

”I wish to accept that people of Awka and Arondizuogu towns are peace-loving, I have shared fellowship and church service with many of them for some time”.

These two neighborhoods and their celebrated natives have been recognized as major benefactors to the improvement of their states, Igbo land and the country at large.

”Awka and Arondizuogu towns have generated big men and women of virtue and pedigree and have always stayed at the top with wonderful daughters and sons of Igbo land.

”Against this background and with every humbleness as a Servant of the Living God, I truly apologize to the big people of these two towns, and to the whole people of Igbo area and to my Elders for my statements.

I will not make any endeavor to excuse my declaration as even I can notice that it’s painful in all its divisions.

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”I also like to apologize especially to the Mazi Pericomo of Arondizuogu’s family.

I apologise and put it on paper that this ordeal has educated me that words that communicate any form of divisiveness amongst our people must be reviewed. This is a time for unity, love and stable assistance for each other.

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