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Prince Charles Amadi
Prince Charles Amadi
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This battle in Owerri zone has continued to cause divide among the POLITICAL leaders who have seen the ill attitudes of same Owerri zone leaders rediculling themselves in the name of politics.

This time is between a media manager CHANTEL and SHAVON of Owerri zone.

Prince Charles Amadi should stop blackmailing the APC leaders of Owerri zone before the Governor because he is the one that is actually doing the owerri zone agenda against the Governor, he is the one that said that the Governor must negotiate with him before he will give him owerri zone.

Good morning house, the Streets of imo state platform is a non-political platform, that has traders, transporters and lots of people from different works of life as her member in this platform, imo state is not a one party state, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha has been a member of this platform, I see no reason why Prince Charles Amadi (Shavon) should be carrying a smear campaign against me because I wished Hon Ihedioha a happy birthday in this platform, the wife of my Governor Bar Chioma Uzodinma wished Lady Ebere Ihedioha a happy birthday on her social media official handle, what is wrong in wishing Hon Ihedioha who has been a member of this platform a happy birthday? Everyone in this platform knows that over the years, I have always been in the character of celebrating the birthdays of members of this platform in this platform their political inclinations notwithstanding. I am a member of the APC under Gov Hope Uzodinma but I am the admin of this platform, this platform is my brain child, How did my wishing someone a happy birthday became something that should be taken as a bad thing,worst still coming from a man who still romances, does business with Rochas okorocha and Uche Nwosu till date.

Prince Charles Amadi
Prince Charles Amadi

Someone who him and his cronies sponsored a media war against Ikeoha Harritex alleging that he wants to overthrow the deputy governor simply because Harritex bluntly refused them from squandering the remaining millions in the account of Owerri zone.

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Prince Charles Amadi should stop blackmailing the APC leaders of Owerri zone before the Governor because he is the one that is actually doing the owerri zone agenda against the Governor, he is the one that said that the Governor must negotiate with him before he will give him owerri zone, OZOPOF is still fresh in the minds of ndi owerri and we have resolved that affliction shall not rise the second time.

Prince Charles Amadi should stop blackmailing Uzoma obiyo, Martin Agbaso, Ikeoha Harritex, Uche Ogbuagu, and other notable APC OWERRI ZONE leaders that they’re doing owerri zone agenda against the Governor while actually he’s the one that is doing all that. You blackmailed me because I wished a member of this platform a happy birthday publicly in this streets of imo state platform, what about you that I have met serious aides and followers of Rochas in your house, like Madam Ugochi Nnanna Okoro and others, please don’t do petty politics with me because it won’t go down well, God so kind we are from the same local government and I have said it in soo many foras that I don’t take you Prince Charles Amadi as my leader , you don’t have the integrity of becoming my leader, you cannot use me and the youths of Ikeduru to send your son to house of representatives, we shall resist you vehemently.

You have just touched the tale of the tiger.
When did Prince Charles Amadi become an ally to the Governor? During the 2019 APC primaries, him Shavon told APC members to vote for Uche Nwosu that Hope uzodinma has HIV and will soon die, it was him and Rochas that carried that fake news @⁨Hon Sam Aka⁩ is aware of this statement by chavon, so what are we talking about? Or am I to talk about what has been going round how he gave Onwa oyoko money to pay salaries and also placed some dignified men in this government on monthly salaries, men that even their fifth generation unborn will be much richer than Chavon. What is your networth?


Why are you now trying soo hard to impress the governor, blackmailing sons and daughters of Owerri zone at random, making it appear as if owerri zone are not in support of Gov Hope Uzodinma after all that you joined Rochas to say against Gov Hope Uzodinma? Charles Amadi, please stop sponsoring smear media campaign against Owerri zone leaders.

Charles Amadi is demarketing owerri zone leaders before the Governor with a view to edge out and chase away those that truly loves him so that on the day of election he will bring the Governor on his knees to negotiate with him and still sell him out, in his OZOPOF usual format. Can Charles Amadi deliver his boot let alone deliver Ikeduru LGA more so Nine local government area of owerri zone?

Who has Charles Amadi single handedly made in politics? What he does is coming to an already established system and tries to hijack the system from the real owners and lovers of the system with his make believe goodwill, splashing money which he calls business, investment. Of all the men and women that have worked with Charles Amadi, why can’t he pick one of them and sponsor to go to house of representatives rather is his son that the bobo master wants ndi mbaike to give our mandate to house of representatives, and I ask madu ogula na ala mbaike, have people finished in mbaike? oga you no go use us load bus again ooo! our mumu don do.

You are dragging leadership in Ikeduru and owerri zone with Chief Emmanuel iwuanyanwu, but you don’t want to do what Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu has done,none of the people Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu made are his sons and daughters but you? It’s always your family your family business. We remember vividly how you at the last minute used OZOPOF as a bargaining chip that anybody from any zone can become Governor as long as they use your wife as deputy governor, so we are your mugu’s abi? But the gods of the land didn’t allow it to work.


Charles Amadi Chavon should please stop demarketing owerri zone leaders before the governor please and I appeal to my Governor His Excellency, Sen Hope Uzodinma to please make Charles Amadi understand that his format don cast, Chavon is the mole around you, selling you out to Rochas and Uche Nwosu, he should stop chasing away good people from you, what makes every leader solid is the number of good people and quality people around him hence Chavon should stop chasing away men and women of goodwill that loves Onwa oyoko with his petty blackmail and gossip.

Your excellency sir, we the good people of owerri zone, assures you of our genuine support, devoid of any selfish aggrandisement,we assure you of our sincerity of purpose, we acknowledge the fact that 70% of the developments you are doing in imo state are all centered in owerri zone soil, so we consider it as a duty to genuinely support you.

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