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Again I have spoken:

Following the trend in the political space and the speed at which oil marketers have increased the fuel pump price overnight, Nigerians are expecting President Tinubu to announce his ministers while crediting the subsidy saga to his administration. 

Reacting without equivocation, I wish to humbly state my facts and figures here.

Princely Onyenwe Esq

“That the best illustration of political difficulty in modern times (as it affects Nigeria) is the failure of the prohibition law against corruption, illegality,  public mislead and human rights abuse”

Princely Onyenwe

In addition to the well detailed Presidential address by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR, I wish to bring to the notice of the presidency to note the fact that ineffective regulation and implementation of laws through the authorized organ(s), agencies and taskforce(s) of government is another deadly setback that has to be treated without levity, otherwise the administration will be reduced to a lowest common multiple otherwise known as a disastrous flop.

President Bola Tinubu GCFR, at his inaugural outing

Kleptomaniacs and praise singers are the major cause of administrative collapse in any government because such groups of individuals cannot offer anything good to improve the administration. So, the critics shouldn’t be taken for granted because any government without constructive critics will not farewell in good governance- but there has to be regulation and check on public criticism.

In other words, “Kleptomania” is a recurrent urge to steal, typically without regard for need or profit. Therefore, kleptomaniacs in the system of government are wicked to every progressive policy or legislation of government because they can’t offer any good than bad.

The government has to fish out such entities clustering the corridors of power and retire them otherwise the kleptomaniacs will retard the system to nothingness. I’ve studied such personalities in my professional research to come up with this assertion.

Consequent upon this, instead of supporting the law practically, it helped the law-breakers (just like in this recent subsidy saga when the oil marketers have meandered into a decisive cloak to exploit Nigerians through undue calibration of high pump price and credited the hardship on transport fare to a-few- days-in-power administration of President Tinubu) to break the law with impunity making positive morality become dangerous in opposition.

“Nigerians are in dare need of good governance which is committed to salvaging Nigeria and making the people happy”

Princely Onyenwe

The government have to take a little breathe in making a quality difference than what it use to be in previous administration. Radical polices of government have to be followed to logical conclusion. The administration have to follow a calculated procedure of governance to get back on track.

“Nigerians must not conclude so hastily because there can still be hope to improve the economy and better the country”

Princely Onyenwe Esq

This observation suggests the immediate need of the country to reconnect or switch to possible reforms, inclusivity of the affirmative quota of both the Youths and Women and to functionalize popular laws that will make a balance of considerations to be considered immediately to make Nigeria a better place- an ungrade Nigerians have long expected.

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Princely Onyenwe

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