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#EndSars Nigeria

Nigerian Government had better giddy up. It would appear the ENDSARS protest is being run and directed DIGITALLY by the youths and it will be hard to stop and may become a protest like nothing we have ever seen on EARTH.

They have indeed weaponized social media and dark web internet in ways I didn’t even think.

As of yesterday, I thought they didn’t have any leadership but I was so wrong. They do have leaders but they have deliberately chosen to be anonymous so they can operate at will. You can only arrest people you know and our government is so clueless they really can’t track people much online

I just did some digging and found out these youths are way ahead of the Government. They seemed to have a steady stream of funding through bitcoins and an impenetrable chain of command that only a few are even aware of.

The leaders also seemed to have deep web places they meet and strategies. A true digital resistance like none the world has ever seen. Seriously!

Some key people on the streets are in direct communication with the faceless youth leaders and things are being coordinated in ways that are inexplicable to the uninitiated.

I was wondering how it spread organically so fast into practically all states in Nigeria and already springing up in many cities abroad. All in under 10 days! Now I know better. These youths are ready and cooperating and supporting each other at a level unprecedented in street protests.

The govt is thinking it’s the opposition sponsoring them but the opposition is equally clueless as to what’s happening.

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This will be a LONG FIGHT with faceless leaders: The nightmare of every Government. It’s like fighting a digital Boko haram. They are just not motivated by religion or violence but they are determined to bring this Government down to its knees if it won’t do the right things.

I am not sure right now whether to be elated since I am one of the big advocates of digitalization of everything or maybe I should be scared of what may happen as this drags on.

Just do days ago they took down some major Goverment websites in what I just gathered were test runs. They seemed to have bad boy hackers that if this thing gets out of hand they can shut down portals of Govt at will and disrupt operations of key parastatals.

Also, the mass of the youths have no jobs, so the protest is their job now. Their houses have no light so it’s more fun being on the street with their friends dancing and singing.

They have nothing to lose but will cost the economy billions of Naira as they disrupt movements

The Government needs to thread very carefully and do the right things early.

These youths WILL WIN!

From what I have seen anyone thinking they will all go home soon may be mistaken. They are WELL FUNDED from abroad by youths like them; not sponsored by old school politicians as some are thinking.

I have seen go-fund-me accounts that were shut down and now they have switched to untraceable bitcoins and money is flowing in little foreign currencies at a time.

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I don’t know whether to clap for the youths who are masterminds of this movement or to be scared of them.

Like everything, Nigeria takes everything into a whole new level. The Nigerian youths may have been inspired by Black Lives Matter but the world is about to see a whole new level of invisible digital protest warfare masterminded by people in cyberspace.

The internet age is about to collide with physical Government structures and everyone needs to buckle up.
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