EXCLUSIVE! – ‘Nomadic’ Defectors And Nigerian Politics

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The Sad Saga called defection, celebrated in error by present-day politicians and hailed by ‘Ignorant Watchers’  has eaten so deep into governance, making some of our so-called leaders, neglect national duties and interests, rather they choose self-fulfillment and  wantonness.

It is interesting to state at this point, in the world today, the piety of politicians towards their parties, usually produce Tenacious, and Assiduous personalities, holding on and making sure the dream of the party is achieved, irrespective of election outcome or results.

In Great Britain, it would be herculean to see members of the Labour Party Crossing either to the Conservative Party or Liberal Party and vice-versa. United States of America, Democrats stick to their beliefs and objectives while always seeking out ways to better the feat performed by the opposition Republicans whenever they find themselves in power, not minding outcome of results during general elections. Other countries in Africa like South Africa and Ghana run stable partisan politics without the hullabaloo of ‘cross-carpeting’ otherwise referred to as DEFECTION.

Nomads are described as people who move from place to place, without a permanent habitation or place of above. Not only live-stock farmers, but also in business and even politics. The literal word ‘nomadic’ is usually linked to livestock farmers, grazing with their animals (goats, sheep cows) etc looking for fresh vegetation to feed them.

A typical Nigerian Politician can be likened to a Nomad. When men and women, chosen or elected by the electorate (people or masses) to represent their interest, at various levels in governance, decide to waste time and resources bribing and influencing others to follow their steps by defecting from one party to another, then we have  nothing but ‘NOMADIC POLITICIANS’ or ‘POLITICAL NOMADS’.

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Before the 2015 general elections, there were so many people moving from one party to another, especially between the apex parties, PDP and APC. At the end, winners emerged and the All Progessive Congress (APC) gained the upper hand by winning more states both at the Presidential and Gubernatorial elections, not forgetting also the Senate and House of Representatives.

The sudden ouster of the Peoples Democratic Party from the Center of Affairs, gave the major opposition party (APC) control of Centre and other levels or tiers of government.

The Craze for Power and Position today cannot be compared to status-quo before 2015 general elections.  It is worthy of note, to mention that the Chief Defectors of today’s politics, migrated from other parties to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and some to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).  Deciding to move to other parties again, ordinarily should not be a big deal, but for the funny and uncharacteristic way it has so far been done, leaves no present politician as a saint.

‘Nomadic Politicians’ will only plunge the country further and further into unbelievable depths of unfathomable hardship, thereby putting the common man at a very disadvantaged position.

It is common belief that well-meaning Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora should arise and fight for their rights by voting the right people into the right offices during the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

The INEC in Conjunction with the Federal Government has been making concerted efforts so that voters go for registration and those who are registered should go for collection of PVCs , so as to take part in the forthcoming elections.

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‘Nomadic Politicians’ and ‘Political Nomads’ should stop and think, so that the very reason(s) why they were elected or appointed would not be rubbished at the end.

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