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Imo state Governor, Hope Uzodimma
Imo state Governor, Hope Uzodimma
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  1. We appeal to His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodinma and the Camphope government he heads, to stop claiming and commissioning projects which Senator Rochas Okorocha did when he governed the state, from May 29, 2011, to May 28, 2019.
  2. lt is not only embarrassing to the governor and his government and indeed, to the people of the state, but worrisome, for the Camphope government to be claiming or taking the credits of the projects done by any of the governors before him, especially by Okorocha and continue to be having counterclaims. lt doesn’t speak well of the government on the seat
  3. The time has come for the government to substitute Ben Johnson way with Chioma Ajunwa or Mohammed Ali or Joshua Anthony way, because of what Ben Johnson way, connotes or represents.
  4. The governor and his media handlers should know the difference between constructing roads and rehabilitating roads. Or, filling potholes on existing roads.
  5. lt is an eyesore for a government on the seat to be claiming the projects done by any of those before him as governor. They should know the ugly impression they are leaving in the minds of people.
  6. The most recent annoying one was the claim of IMO FOUNDATION, built by Okorocha and commissioned on November 13, 2014. And with Barr Mrs Ngozi Njoku, from Nwangele LGA as the Pioneer Director-General. Mrs Pat Ekeh from Aboh Mbaise LGA was the second DG of the FOUNDATION. And so on.
  7. So, it is absurd, very awkward for the Camphope government to claim to have built the FOUNDATION and to play a fast one, they gave it a different name. We won’t say that such action is very dirty, but to say the least, such belligerent and nauseating action should not come from a state government.
  8. A day before the lmo Foundation claim by the government, they had also claimed the AKACHI ROAD. That place was a thick forest but Okorocha cleared it and constructed the AKACHI Road. And the AKACHI TOWER. If the government on the seat had filled one or two potholes on the road, that should not mean, it constructed it.
  9. Okorocha rehabilitated the Yardua road constructed by Chief lkedi Ohakim but, he never claimed to have constructed the road, because he did some works on it. Okorocha also never claimed to have constructed Akanchawa road constructed by Achike Udenwa, because he did some maintenance works on the road.
  10. Okorocha remodelled what was known as the Multipurpose Hall in Government House. He remodelled it to an international Standard and called it Sam Mbakwe EXCO Chambers. He never claimed to have built it, but remodelled it to become what it has been, till today. That’s the way to go.
  11. Character is key to government at any level. Once people begin to fault any government’s claim over projects, that government has got a character issue or image problem. The media handlers of the government should ask questions on these projects before coming out with any claim on any of them.
  12. This government had also displayed on social media the ISOPADEC headquarters built by Okorocha, as governor Uzodinma’s project. They even went as far as mounting the governor’s portrait on top of the ISOPADEC building, until we also raised alarm. This is not good for the government in lmo.
  13. Until Okorocha left the government, nobody accused us of claiming any project done either by Udenwa or Ohakim. The government at any level should be exemplary or a model both in words and in action. You do not claim to have constructed existing roads, you only did some rehabilitation works on them.
  14. And for the governor to have given lmo Foundation another name is suspicious. But whatever is the case, he should not claim to have built the FOUNDATION that had operated for more than 6 years before his coming.
  15. And we may be tempted to go beyond what we are doing now, to let the world know that the government in lmo, has been claiming Okorocha’s projects and it won’t augur well or speak well of the government.
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16 .He that hath an ear , let him hear what the spirit saith unto the Churches ( Revelation 3.22)

Governor Hope Uzodinma in the Government House
Governor Hope Uzodinma in the Government House

This press release was signed by Sam Onwuemeodo Special Adviser (Media) to the former governor of imo state, Senator Rochas Okorocha.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
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