If I’m elected as president there will be free Education up to University Level – Tinubu to the youths

If I'm elected as president there will be free Education up to University Level - Tinubu to the youths
If I'm elected as president there will be free Education up to University Level - Tinubu to the youths

Former governor of Lagos State and the national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress Party, Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu has promised the Nigerian youths that he will make sure that there is free education for them up to the university level if he becomes the next Nigerian president.

While addressing the youths at an event tagged Lagos Youth Standing Out for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President 2023 at Onikan Stadium, Lagos, Tinubu charged the youths to go and get their PVC cards and get ready for the election.

Tinubu said that he really appreciated the youths for coming out en masse together for the rally in support of his mandate and vision to be the next president of Nigeria.

After being ushered onto the podium by the Lagos State governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Tinubu charged the crowd and said, “What can I say, but say thank you to all of you present here today, I must show my gratitude.”

“But this is not the only way to show gratitude to you, but working hard for you, to change the dynamics, to change the story of Nigeria. To be bold enough to start a new initiative. To change the story from potential to reality. “

“To Imagine that we are one of the brilliant and most resourceful, most committed individuals in this country. We are youths, you are. I’m here not for me alone. For you and for tomorrow that you have represented. You have represented us well. Yes, we feel your anger where you are angry. I don’t blame you, I don’t blame you.”

“The promises of the past have failed to realise that you build the future from the onset, from the kindergarten to high school, to university. All of that needs a serious reform. I disagree with the excuses that we can not help it. We can help it if and I say if today the Twitter, the Facebook alone represent 3.5 billion people. How did they do it that we can not? All you need is courage and determination, perseverance. If the Youtube alone has 2.9 billion people following it, Nigeria can excel and can do it. “

“You must develop the Can-Do attitude. You must have the greed and determination that this country is yours and that you want to change the story. You must change the story. you must change the story of potential. You must change the story of bad history. You must change the story of tribalism. You, poverty has no tribal mark. We, as a nation, we can feed ourselves.”

“We can definitely feed ourselves, by being creative, visionary and committed. Do you know how many of you tweeting and WhatsApp right now? The world will host a database of 1.6 billion on WhatsApp alone. “

“We can not continue the lamentation of the past. We have to press for now. PUSH, you must push, ready you must be ready. Since democracy is one man, one vote. But, since we chose democracy, it’s one man one vote, one man one vote. If you have no PVC, if you have no revalidation of that PVC, you don’t know whether it has expired. Eh, don’t forget that there is an expiry date .”

“So go and revalidate the card. Those of you who have not registered, you must go there. I thank the local government chairman and the people for what they are doing. But you can’t be part of 1.4 billion people on Instagram and have no card. For God’s sake, you are the future, you are the reason why I am here, yet I want to be present. For what? is it for eba? is it for garri? is it for beans? I want to be president for you. Drive me there .”

“Enough of excuses! Enough of bitterness! Enough of disunity! All we have to do is to be a United Nigeria of Africa. Hunger has no tribal mark, poverty has no tribal mark. Money in the bank, no tribal mark. All we take is bold, endeavour, vigorous, determination, confidence, can-do attitude. We can do it. We can not continue with excuses for NEPA failure. No, no nation can make development, rapid development without electricity. Give us that and if we can not be successful, yes you can abuse us. But you can not give us erratic electricity and then blame us again that we are lazy, No.”

“Nigeria, Nigeria, it’s about time. We have enough gas to fire up our electricity. We can supply the rest of Europe with gas and we can make money, money long time from it. You know it. Now, I don’t you to argue, ask the governor, ask the other youths, ask the Lagosians. When I started, we used to pick dead bodies from the street. Today, Lagos is one of the cleanest, Hold on, Hold on, one of the most progressive states. Yes, you can clap for that. We deserve your claps. I will tell you one other one you must clap for as the future belongs to you. We, We as the foundation builders of Lagos, are still building. Some of you would not have been able to sit for WAEC, if not for the payment of WAEC fee by their or our government. You are a beneficiary. Clap for that. Will you vote? Will you vote? If you vote, for that, you can create the path for free education up to the University level. We can do it. “

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