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Governor Hope Uzodinma Hosts APC Members in Imo State
Governor Hope Uzodinma Hosts APC Members in Imo State
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Following the recent attack on APC by their PDP brothers to ask governor Uzodinma to resign if the INSECURITY continues, Prince Marcillinus O. Nlemigbo (Esq), State Chairman APC, Imo State has lambasted PDP saying that their demands are

This refutal was made today dated June 4, 2021 by the state APC to caution on the PDP oppositionist to shut up and appreciate the good works of GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma in Imo state NIGERIA.

The release was signed by Prince Marcillinus O. Nlemigbo (Esq), State Chairman APC, Imo State and reads as thus:

The attention of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Imo State chapter was yesterday drawn to the press release of the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) Imo State, being a text of their press conference held on June 3, 2021 wherein they amongst other things called for the resignation of our performing governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, following the current security situation in the state.

After a conscientious analysis and consideration of the intent behind the said press statement which has been in circulation on various media platforms, particularly social media, it was gratifying to us that the People’s Democratic Party had finally vindicated the governor, His Excellency Distinguished Senator Uzodimma, in his avowed position that the current insecurity in the state is politically motivated.


As a party, we have always stood and will continue to stand by the governor, who by his privileged position as the Chief Security Officer of the state, with unhindered access to sensitive security details, came to the conclusion that the escalating cases of insecurity in our hitherto peaceful state is politically sponsored. What we do not know before the PDP’s press conference was the identity of those behind the sponsorship of these reckless killings of innocent citizens, security personnel and wanton destruction of public assets. We strongly hold now, that the mask has been unveiled!

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To prove the governor right in his uncompromised position that the issues at hand has more to do with political grievances than IPOB/ ESN separatist agitation, the PDP in its release confessed thus: “…the uncanny imposition of Senator Hope Uzodinma as governor of Imo State by the Supreme Court, must have contributed to the current insecurity in the State” This confessional statement further shows that PDP as a self-serving political entity, doesn’t have the interest of Imolites at heart but would stoop to deepest of lows in pursuit of their pecuniary interest. We now invite Imolites to note that some aggrieved and disgruntled politicians are behind these mindless killings of both unarmed civilians and security personnel, to force Uzodimma out of office.

The call for the governor’s RESIGNATION by PDP is not only childish, frivolous, laughable and delusional but a further DEMONSTRATION OF ACUTE DESPERATION TO SNEAK BACK TO DOUGLAS HOUSE THROUGH THE BACKDOOR, even at the detriment of lives and properties of ndi Imo. One had expected the PDP as the main opposition party in the state to come up with possible alternative solution to the situation, but that will be seeking for a virgin in a brothel.

We want to make it categorically clear to PDP and other political desperadoes that no amount of incitement of the public against the APC Government and or criminal sponsorship of insecurity in the state will deter the state government in its commitment to recover, rehabilitate and reconstruct Imo State in line with the administration’s 3R mantra.

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It is most heart breaking and regrettable too that some notable elder statesmen and critical stakeholders in the PDP’s fold who ought to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship into the younger generation, could condescend to an all-time low to join unstable political characters with little or no stake in Imo project to destroy the Imo, all of us have laboured to build over time. Though, it is not too late to retreat! Sadly PDP is still wallowing in sorrow over an election it lost about 2 years ago.

However, as a responsible political party, while we will continue to call on peace loving Imolites to continue to join hands with Government and all relevant security agencies in their efforts to restore peace and security in our dear state, it is our fervent prayers that God will grant the families of the victims of unfortunate security situation, the grace to bear these losses with fortitude.

Finally, we call on all relevant stakeholders in the state, as well as the aggrieved opposition to embrace peace for the collective interest of all Imolites, as there can only be one Governor at a time and God Almighty has anointed H.E Hope Uzodimma as the Governor of Imo State presently.

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