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Comr. Princely Onyenwe
Comr. Princely Onyenwe
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– Princely Onyenwe writes

In this piece, I am focused on the course or period of politicial travel, politicial experimentations and expectations of the people in Imo state and the possible ways to discover the best way forward to better our land.

One of the renowned leaders of the world through his intuitive perception and common sense of life posited that CHANGE will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.We are the ones we have been waiting for.We are the change that we seek.

This implies that Imo state and NIGERIA cannot be waiting for foreigners to come and develop our place for us. ‘Nigerians and Imolites as this context have in mind are the cause of their challenges and tribulations.We are the efforts to make our society a better state’

I have also understood that Imo cannot be better with patriotism only because it cannot be enough to give the state what we desire but we have to remove bitterness and hatred and begin to embrace eachother in all sincerity of purpose.

Going through the hurdles of life and conditions of leadership have made me to understand that situations and people are common factors in ones life and as a government, this clarion call behooves on you to manage these factors very carefully without being braised or talking down on citizens.

I have come to realize that majority of our people in this clime do not want to improve and worst still such majority class of individuals and groups do not want anything good Governance to come to bare in Imo state.

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I wonder how a people of good conscience will keep criticizing a Government whose interest and policies are to better the state.The mudane and the insensitive have to upgrade to a new modus oprandi.

In security for instance, that the new police team deployed to the state are very active and out to curb crime in Imo state and same myopic mindsets are speaking foul of the good works.

That the government imposed a no hawking along the busy roads of Douglas and Mbaise road, our people will go behind to truncate the law and do as they will wish.

That a Government will plead with its subject to stop reckless packing of vehicles along the roads and to also stop illegal dumbing of waste and refuse, the people will react negatively and continue in the old narrative.

How then can a Government grow?

Go to a close-by state like Rivers/ Portharcourt here. People can hardly be reckless in driving or to litter their streets just like we do here.

Go to some other growing cities like lagos even Enugu have taking the lead as we chat. No sane person goes about coming to the streets to hawk, litter it or sale whatever they like and when you annouce such policies here to stop them and Improve the state, the same ndiimo will disrupt the order. And continue to encourage bad governance.

No wonder, the people had remained the doom of themselves. ‘The possibility of a state to improve it’s citizens is to apply the needed governance through either means to achieve goodwill and on doing this therefore, toes must be stopped upon.

Governor Hope Uzodinma
Governor Hope Uzodinma

The worst to be a governor of a state like hours is to fail because when fail the people will talk and when you succeed the same sycophants will have no option than to applaud u.


I have been in imo Government for tenures and I can give a better advice for the state to move forward just as I have posited here.

Again, go to refuse disposal,, are u comfortable with the continued look of Douglas Mbaise road and all that?

My dear, in an egalitarian society and in this age and era, a well read and informed citizens have to think right and do the right thing at the right time ok.

Meanwhile, when the laws stipulated by Government are turned off by citizens, you as a leader what will u do? Who can sincerely answer this question to educate our noble followers❓

The next option is to apply force to get the targeted result that will benefit the people. It’s application must be devoid of selfishness and self aggrandizement but it has to do with leadership.

Our people are more partisan than democratic. Political party is a mere platform to from which candidates are made. And it is widely acceptable to note that Governance goes beyond partisanship. A leader carries everyone along despite all odds.

But over here, the reverse is the case unless on few circumstances, a sensible leader will choose to carry his oppositions along. Since Ndubuisi Kalu has come and gone, likewise many other successions of governors then government is a continum.

Imo people must understand this heat fact that because it is Former governors Udenwa, Okorocha or IHEDIOHA, You and I can assume such height of leadership in the near future.

Today is the turn of GOVERNOR Hope Uzodinma and we have to obey his policies till his tenure elapses. Same condition is applicable to the presidency too.


Let us learn to work, stake your efforts into this salvation and wait for your time and turn as destined by Almighty God. This will make us stop all these distractions that ridicule the state and country to the background.

Our people are addicted to party politics than the execution of peoples demand. I will advice Imo people to calm down and watch governor Uzodinma do the work for the state. He has a good plan for the state from the little I have witnessed.

I am not saying that we must like Uzodinma as a person but let his good works for Ndi Imo be appreciated. The little he is doing have a good taste and better standard. Because Uzodinma has assumed the throne, all other protocols must be observed.

Perhaps what story can you tell? What account can you render? This is not the time to set the entire system backward. Let peace reign.

I remain
Yours Princely Onyenwe

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Princely Onyenwe A seasoned Investigative Journalist, Civil Rights Activist, and Political Analyst, Currently Editor and News reporter with 9News Nigeria

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