Is Nigeria struggling at 61?

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Nigeria, The giant of Africa is 61 today, but the truth is Nigeria is still struggling. Nigeria was not only the African countries that attained independence in 1960, but 17 countries secured freedom. Other countries that got independence in1960 were Benin, Burkina faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Dr Congo, Republic of Congo, Cote d’ivoire, Gabon, Madagascar, Mali, Maurintania, Niger, Senegal, Somalia and Togo. Outside Afica, Cyprus also got independence that year as well.
On the 61st anniversary of its independence, Nigeria’s role as the lynchpin of African politics, economics and culture has never been stronger. Neil Ford sketches a portrait of this nation full of vast ambition and countless problems.
Nigeria is the nation of superlatives: the biggest African economy, with the highest oil production and the biggest population. It is home to vast ambition and countless problems but keeps surprising everybody. And the world will be watching the West African giant over the decades to come as it is predicted to become the third most populous country in the world.
Over 75 percent of Nigerians are not happy with the condition of the country. Nigeria who claimed to be 61 today have differs of misplaced priorities which is affecting the country at large.
According to the National Early Warning system (NEWS) 120 incidents of kidnapping from January -13th of Febuary 1,181 People which include (which comprises of 362 Children)103 females and 716 males. It was recorded that on the 26 of February 2021 that More than 300 students were kidnapped in Zamfarawa, and we were told that the Federal Government of Nigeria negotiated with them. Does that mean our security officials are useless ?
Chibok Girls clocks 7 years this year and still under the shackles of the Boko Haram, what is the Federal Government doing about this?
30th of May 2021 it was recorded that bandits kidnapped over 200 students in Niger State at Islamiya School Rafi, L.G.A. The issue of kidnapping in Nigeria has influated even Skyrocketed with all this, is Security parts of Nigerian Priorities? People are no longer safe in the country.
Most importantly, the day everyone knew we are no longer safe in the country was on the 11th of May 2021, When Armed Robbers invaded Aso Rock and with all their securities there they could not catch any one of them, A Whole Power House of Nigeria.
In term of securities, Nigeria is so low and it’s affecting the Nation. Nigeria is well known to be a peaceful and successful country, products was cheaper, low crime rate but is it like that now?
According to Senator Smart Adeyemi, ” Lets the National Assembly be shut down, if we can not save the Nation. He said insecurity is threatening us, people are dieing. He said this at the Senate meeting on the 3rd June 2021,
2.Un employment
Unemployment: as at 15th March 2021,Nigeria unemployment rates rises to 33% which is the second highest on global list .This was confirmed by the National Bureau of statistics.Nigeria have provided alots of graduates but there’s no job opportunity.That’s when you will see a masters degree holder riding bike.If Nigeria makes employment their priority things will be fine.Alots of young graduates are really suffering because of the rate of unemployment.

  1. Bad educational system – Our leaders are not after good educational system anymore, their priorities are the upcoming election. Nigeria institution now helped student to spend more years in school than expected. A four year course can turn 6 years, This is happening because of our leaders incompetence
    4.Bad Economy and lots more – Nigeria can transform her potential into success with a huge population, her citizen can mobilized and empowered to engage in manufacturing as china, Singapore and South Korea have done. This will change the country from a consuming country to a power house in malfunctioning and exportation.
    It is no doubt that Nigeria should have been made a destination for global investment because Nigeria is a country with many resources and also the Africa largest and 13th largest producer and exporter of oil.
    Furthermore, 61 years after independence looks like a vehicle struggling to climb a hilly road which has yet to achieve her potential. The largest population has become a source of weakness not strength.
    Conclusively, 2023 is at the corner, don’t vote political parties but vote personality. Don’t be deceived with a bag of rice and other goods and services.
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