Is Osinbajo a threat to Tinubu?

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Like the past years, 2023 has began the journey and will undoubtedly come to pass. But in the lives of Nigeria and of course, Nigerians, all things being equal, the year will witness another round of general elections into all political offices. At that time, the sitting President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), would have completed his eight years mandatory period of two terms in Aso Rock, the seat of the Federal Government of Nigeria at Abuja, piloting the affairs of the country as enshrined in the constitution.

The race to ASO ROCK in 2023 is getting intense and quite fiery by the day, as Osinbajo declared his aspiration few days ago to become Nigeria’s next president.

The cold war between the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo and his political godfather, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, is gradually taking a very dangerous dimension.

Many supporters of Bola Tinubu have conceived Osinbajo’s declaration as a huge threat to the much-touted presidential ambition of the Lion of Bourdillon.

Tinubu was asked to react to the official declaration of Yemi Osinbajo who is seen by many as his political son, for the presidency, Tinubu simply said, “I don’t have any son grown up enough to make such declaration.”

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Osinbajo will be slugging it out with Bola Tinubu for the APC ticket, a contest which could put the national leader of the party in a tight spot as his political base, the South West, will be divided between the duo.

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Comment one

Osinbajo is the only threat to Tinubu..

Why will Tinubu be unrest ever since Osinbajo’s declaration?

Take note, after Osinbajo’s declaration, Tinubu denied Osinbajo as his political son, which he has never done before, it’s just a proof that he (Tinubu) knows what is likely to happen if Osinbajo never gives up in his ambition, in which Osinbajo is never ready to do.

In a nutshell, Osinbajo is a big threat to Tinubu, because presently, Tinubu is currently on a strategic planning table, to boycott all of Osinbajo movement because Osinbajo and many young politicians has studied all of Tinubu’s strategies. So Tinubu is currently in a political COMA.

Comment two

Serious treat ni o
He knew Osinbajo has the masses behind him
Don’t forget trader moni. The market woman will continue to sing Osinbajo praise

The body of Christ is solidly behind him, He has the blessings of the fathers, He knew the area of strength and weakness of BAT, The northerns and most especially love him.

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Comment three

Tinubu is seeing Osinbajo as a threat and i knew long ago that he was going to contest which was one of his reasons for declaring his ambitions earlier than anyone else, I’m sure you know that Tinubu is one of the first 3 persons to declare his ambitions.

He’s also seeing him as a threat cos he knows he’ll eventually buy people’s mind being a professor and being an outspoken person.

Comment 4

Yes, he is a threat to him when we look at age, political office experience at federal level and international relations.

On influence of character and integrity, Tinubu cannot be compared with VP.

Leading peaceful movements, Tinubu has little or no good records on this based on the antecedents.

Meanwhile, VP had once served directly in his state which asiwaju knew all he did. The previous records of good deeds of VP will equally be a thing he will fear for.

2023 Presidency: Who fits the cap?

Despite concerns about Tinubu’s capability to lead the country, especially his alleged failing health and old age, the youth leader insisted the APC chieftain is fit, is a nationalist and has what it takes to fix the country.

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