JUST IN:Military never created Nigeria’s problems – Babangida

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Former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida says it is not true that the military created Nigeria’s problems.

Babangida, who was Head of State between 1985 and 1993, disclosed this in an interview with Channels Television Friday night.

He said that civilians ran all the institutions under the military administrations, including the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), noting and it was unfair to say military created the problems if there were any.

“You were there to show us how the civil service operates, how the system works; the institutions of governance. All these are civilians’ prerogative.

“We didn’t create problems. We created the framework for subsequent administration to build on: infrastructure, democracy and free-market economy.

“We were able to capture and bring to our country what the world is doing,” Babangida said.

Reacting to the military intervention in Mali, the former Head of State said it was “stupid” for the soldiers to have seized power.

“I said stupid because the moment you take over ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN, the Super Powers will come after you with sanctions,” Babangida explained.

He stressed that those bodies and powers would never allow the military administration last long.

Reacting to a question on why the military were able to create lasting infrastructure in Nigeria, Babangida said, “A civilian government has so many stages and politics to contend with.

“But a military government sees a need, such as a road that needs to be constructed and just does it.”

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