Kannywood Actress, Zainab Abdullahi, Asks Northerners To Kill Aisha Yesufu

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A Kannywood star, Zainab Abdullahi, has called on Northerners to kill popular human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu.

Abdullahi, who is a member of the Buhari Support Group, and Buhari Media Centre, in an Instagram post described Yesufu as a Jew, who must be attacked by all means.

Since the start of #EndSARS protest, Kannywood stars have been taking to social media to discredit the movement, calling those, who joined the agitation as bad muslims that must be dealt with.

A picture taken of Yesufu during the protest in Abuja where she raised a clenched fist, became a morale booster and symbol for Nigerians calling for the scrapping of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a notorious police unit known for brutality against citizens.

Aisha Yesufu at #EndSARS Protest Twitter/Aisha Yesufu

Calling for the head of the activist, Abdullahi said, “Aisha is a Jew in Islamic shirt. it is not crime Luwadi and Madigo and same sex marriage, gay people have the chance to be given freedom between good. Good Muslims should be found with sense and wise thoughts.

“Muslims should know that she’s getting a chance to give the right to gay and Madigo together with sex marriage, this is one of the reasons why the Jewish are better than trying to uplift your honour and look at the kind of humiliation she did to the Northerner and religious teachers in a video message that came out yesterday to seek for the Northerners. Hear what she said about President Buhari who was born to be a grandson, she is not ashamed, she is a Jew in Islamic shirt. She is talking no shame. Stop seeing her as a hero, she is with a hidden purpose for Muslim religion and our peace.”

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Yesufu, who was a prominent member of the Bring Back Our Girls movement, a group clamouring for the return of abducted school girls from Chibok community in Borno State in 2014, is not new to threats of all kinds as a result of her activism.

In February this year, Ohanaeze Ndigbo called for her arrest for revealing that Nigeria’s Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, was attacked by bandits during a train ride in the North.

In a post on Twitter, she said, “I have read and heard the petition and report seeking my arrest and questioning over the train incident I reported which had Amaechi as a victim.

“Maybe an arrest will make my cheeks come down.

“The security circle knew about that attack, and they did not do anything about it.

“I’m repeating my earlier statement that I had two siblings on that train and a sister-in-law.”

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