Nigerian troops discover Boko Haram hospital, administrative base

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Efforts to completely reduce the fighting capacity of Boko Haram terrorist group has yielded more positive results as Nigerian troops on Wednesday, May 4, discovered the field hospital, administrative and harbour base of the insurgents at Ngula and Kukuruk villages in Alagarno general area of Borno.

This information was disseminated in a statement released by the spokesperson of the Army, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman.

It was further disclosed that the troops also found another bomb factory operated by the insurgents and that the army successfully engaged and pushed back the Boko Haram militants, forcing them to flee the area.

They also recovered several automobiles, assorted weapons, food, and several other utilities.

“At the early hours of today, Wednesday 4th May 2016, troops of 156 Task Force Battalion, 29 Task Force Brigade, assisted by Civilian JTF embarked on a long range patrol aimed at clearing remnants of Boko Haram terrorists at Ngula and Kukuruk villages in Alagarno general area.”

“The troops encountered and engaged surprised elements of Boko Haram terrorists in a gun battle. The terrorists escaped leaving trails of blood from gun shot injuries they sustained.”

“The patrol team later made startling discovery in the area; they found out that it served as the Boko Haram terrorists’ administration and harbour area, Field Hospital and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) making factory.”

“The troops recovered the following items at the base; 6 Motorcycles, 2 Bicycles, 4 Machine Gun Mounts, 1 Power Generating Set, 3 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) Tyres, 10 Bags of assorted foodstuff, 4 different Vehicles Radiators, a Wheel chair, 2 Clutches, 1 Stretcher and 11 different Car batteries. Other items include 3 Gas Cylinders, 2 Stabilizer 1 Welding Machine, 3 Motorcycle Batteries and 4 Gallons stuffed with grains.”

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“The troops also recovered 1 Toyota Buffalo Engine, 1 Toyota Hilux Engine, 1 Blanket, 1 Megaphone, 1 Escola’s Box, 4 Motorcycle Wheels, 1 Grinding Machine, 1 vehicle gear box, 1 damaged part of a Canter truck, military uniforms, an un-serviceable laptop, 2 Wheel barrows and 3 Vehicle Jacks.”

“Similarly, the patrol team recovered 3 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, 31 IEDs Primers, 2 Flash Drives containing vital information, Surgical Gloves and Urine bags. Other items recovered include Bandages, 2 tyre pumps, .50 inch Browning Machine Gun parts, as well as a 60mm Mortar Bomb, Sphygmomanometer, Anti-Tetanus Injection, Penicillin Injections and other medications and medical equipment.”

“They also recovered a trailer truck, damaged vehicle, 2 Slates, Holy Qur’an, Handcuffs and Solar Panels among other items.”

Source: YNaija 

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3 Comments on Nigerian troops discover Boko Haram hospital, administrative base

  1. The increased positive results we hear daily about the fall of Boko Haram gives me so much joy and excitement. Not to worry why it took this long to get to this point but at the end there is a great hope of peace and unity for all.

  2. I think we can perceive the start of the end of Boko Haram in these country because suicide bombing activity as reduced drastically and i believe peace is been restored back to the North East now

  3. God will continue to endowed our Nigerian army and gives more strength, to do more and to secure us in this country very well against those evil people. Soon all of them will surrender. Whosoever is behind them will be put to shame.

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