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No doubt Dr. Godwin Maduka’s appearance in the political circle has left some political merchants & their agents disturbed and uncomfortable. It is not strange that the enemies of progress are hell bent on distorting facts to disturb public peace, by continuing to brew and incite community crisis that are either non-existent or long addressed by previous governments.

It shocks to the marrows that one Basil Igweke and his cohorts who are core beneficiaries of Dr. Maduka’s magnanimity, would champion offensives aimed at maligning the towering reputation of the globally respected medical expert and illustrious Igbo figure. Alleging that the peace loving humanitarian is involved in any sort of community dispute is untrue. This can only be the handiwork and antics of miscreants masquerading to cut attention.

In Dr. Maduka’s reaction to the allegation, he said “no form of distraction will deter my commitment in serving the collective interest of Ndi Anambra. I am poised to replicate the developmental template we have in Umuchukwu, in Anambra State”. Instigating bitterness and discord amongst our people only portrays it’s architects as being uncivil and clueless.

Okosisi Orumba has practically defined the Akụ Ruo Ụnọ philosophy with his outstanding philanthropic gesture over the years in developing his Umuchukwu hometown, neighboring communities and touching thousands of lives globally. These strides wouldn’t have been achieved in the absence of peace, unity and understanding amongst the people. Therefore, the claims of Basil and his co-travelers are elusive, mischievous, misleading and hence, should be disregarded.

Ndi Anambra are not feeble minded. Sponsored distraction by unintelligent few cannot be equated to the academic success, breakthroughs and exposure Dr. Maduka has achieved in his years of service to God and humanity. He admonished peddlers of falsehood, perpetrators of evil in the community and their sponsors, to desist from such sinister enterprise and seek genuine peace & reconciliation.

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Ndi Anambra, your love and support for Dr. Maduka’s aspiration has been overwhelming. Let’s continue driving the conversation of a better Anamabra State.

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Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs
Paying Social Media Jobs