Politics: It’s Time For Tinubu To Retire, Says Peter Obi

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The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) Peter Obi has said it is the turn of Nigerian youths and women to take back Nigeria.

He asserted during a recent visit to Akwa Ibom (his wife’s home country) for his campaign.

Peter Obi while revealing his plans for Nigeria if elected president of Nigeria next month, said Nigerians should hold him accountable if he fails to change the country.

“Stop listening to all these parties telling you about structure. They brought Nigeria to where it is today.

“When we started this democracy, we had less than 50 million poor people in Nigeria, today it is 133 million people and growing every day.

“Nigeria can feed itself, let’s bring people who can focus on helping Nigeria. Let nobody tell you it is his turn, or tell you, you have to wait for next time.

“It is the turn of Nigerian youths and women to take back this country. Your children are suffering. We have children who have gone to school and cannot find jobs for years and someone (Tinubu) is saying it is his turn, which turns? It is your turn to retire.

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