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 Reconciliation, Restoration, and Integration (RRI) concepts are the keys to unlocking the Nigerian debacle.  In a country as diverse as Nigeria with different ideologies, values, and norms, some level of reconciliation is required for the destination of national unity to be reached.

Also, restoring inter-ethnic co-dependency will pave the way for true national integration of collective interests, aspirations, and the national team spirit. Therefore the RRI concept is vital to national unity at this moment of ethnic distrust and religious bigotry. 

However, national unity cannot be positively impacted without the essential concept of reconciliation that will ensure particularly the restoration and integration of South East inclusion in Nigeria’s mainstream governance. For that reason, there is no better time than now to begin the healing process by zoning the 10th National Assembly Senate President to the South East for unity and inclusiveness.

It is not only the right thing to do at the moment, but it is also equitable, fair, and justifiable. Similarly, giving South East a sense of belonging in Nigeria will strengthen national unity, peace, and progress.

And sincerely the RRI concepts are linked. One cannot be done without the other. So, zoning Senate President to South East will be the first step and right path to Renewed Hope. 

Justification for SE Zoning and OUK for SP  “With the APC, people like Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, and former governor of Imo state, Okorocha, stood firm and they helped propagate the party in that area.

And when southeasterners were reluctant to publicly ask Nigerians to vote for Asiwaju, Orji Uzor Kalu was going from TV station to TV station to say look  this man can do it… and he’s someone you can say is even acceptable to people from different regions, because in his early life, he lived in the North, so if we want to appease the SE for example that would be something the leadership of the party, NWC, and even with the input of the President-Elect, that is something they have to consider because the South East is an integral part of the country, we need them, we need the energy, the creativity and the business acumen of the people… we really need them…”


Babajide Otitoju, TVC, 2023Babajide Otitoju’s above quote is an excellent way to begin to fix the seclusion of the South East in the governance of Nigeria. They say a good turn deserves another so let’s pay back with the 10th National Assembly Senate President zoned to the South East. And Senator, Orji Uzor Kalu, current Chief Whip of the 9th Senate, is qualified for the position without doubt, particularly when the criteria revolve around national unity, equity, fairness, justice, competence, strong character, and global understanding. 

OUK And His Legislative Experience OUK has sponsored many Bills and Motions but his most significant one yet, the Intra-States Railway Transportation Bill just got signed into Law A Bill for an Act to alter the constitution of Nigeria (as amended) to provide that the Federal government and the State government shall have concurrent legislative powers on the Railway and to provide for matters related thereto 2021 was signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday 17th March 2023. 

This achievement is a giant stride in the devolution of infrastructural power to the States.Where Do We Go From Here?The best solution for national unity, peace, and progress is the rotation of power between regional zones. Farooq Kperogi put it succinctly when he wrote that ethnic and religious divisiveness is not healthy or sustainable for a “fractious” country like Nigeria.

Hence he recommended a constitutionalized power rotation between regions, states, and local levels. After all, raising the national emotional temperature to a fever pitch is not worth the cost to national unity.

Farooq Kperogi explained this in his latest article. (Farooq Kperogi, Election highlights Imperative of power rotation, PM News Nigeria, 25, March 2023)He gave reasons why this is realistically the way to go in order to ensure peaceful coexistence.

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For example, such an arrangement will not only remove ethnoreligious tension but also promote merit and competence in selecting leaders. Consequently, voters are more likely to concentrate on the capabilities and implementation measures of policies of candidates.

Lastly, what Nigeria needs right now are the three principles of reconciliation, restoration, and integration to move the country forward to take its rightful place among the comity of nations.Kolajo Suleiman Abiola

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