Rejoinder : Exposed, Speaker Kennedy Ibeh Wants “3rd Term” So As To Be “Worshipped” Like Emeka Ihedioha- Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha Reacts

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From Princely Onyenwe

Frank Nwaete is fast establishing himself as a notorious writer, who loves giving negative interpretations to honest and harmless posts and speeches of elected and or appointed leaders, who are in positions of influence in the State.

Frank Nwaete is a member of the opposition PDP in the state, therefore, does not see anything good in the ruling party, APC. Just few days ago, he attacked the state government and its officials, spreading hate, lies, blackmail and fabricated falsehood, all aimed to tarnish the image of the Honourable Commissioner For Information And Strategy, Chief Declan Emelumba.

Of course, a Rejoinder was put forward setting the record straight. This has always been Frank Nwaete’s habit. Earlier before then, he attempted to blackmail the leadership of the Imo State House Of Assembly, but he was overlooked. He has come back again to blackmail and misrepresent the Imo State House Of Assembly again.

I have always said that what diminishes a man is when he deliberately dishes out falsehood and twisted facts with the sole objective of deceiving the public. It is therefore very condemnable that an innocent Release by the respected Chief Of Staff to the Rt Honourable Speaker of IMHA, Hon Barrister Kelechi Onyegbule, has been misrepresented and misinterpreted by this same Frank Nwaete and currently, in circulation.

In his Release, Hon Barrister Kelechi Onyegbule was ONLY correcting the false impression which mischief makers and some party candidates of Obowo State Constituency seat are breeding, especially through Social Media, in clandestine attempts to spread lies cum malicious quotes attributing such to have emanated from Mr Speaker Rt Honourable Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh.

According to the Chief of Staff, “……. By this release, I respectfully urge be all House of Assembly contestants in Obowo to desist from campaign of calumny and hate but to concentrate on objective and issue based debates that could earn one the choice of the people. Our choice of approach must be one that will engender the continued peace, unity and development of our dear Local Government.

The times are tough, let us put our BEST foot forward, let’s act smart. Continuity pays in Parliament.

If not for 3rd term which gave Emeka Ihedioha Deputy Speaker House of Reps, all PDP Members won’t be worshipping him like they do today. If not Continuity, Ahmed Lawan and Femi Gbajabiamila won’t be the Heads of the Senate and Federal House today”…… Unquote.

The above excepts was from an honest, simple and easy to understand Release made by a free and sincere mind. Then just suddenly and from the spur of his negative moment, Frank Nwaete, through mischief, chose to misrepresent the Rt Honourable Speaker by throwing mud at His Excellency The Governor Of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma.

Although, no one is bothered about the lies and blackmails of Frank Nwaete, Nevertheless, our happiness is that the people of Imo State already knows that our Governor, Hope Uzodinma, is delivering on his mandate, freely given to him by the good people of the State, vis-avis,

Prompt payment of salary of workers.

Prompt payment of pensions.

Mobilization and payment of Contractors handling various People Oriented Projects across the State.

Appointment of Imo Sons And Daughters into various positions of Influence and Responsibility, for the development of the State.

Boldly and Courageously tackling Insecurity in the State. Apart from tackling Insecurity headlong, The Imo Government is consulting widely among stakeholders, to solve this problem permanently. But the opposition elements are jittery, hence, they have continued to heat up the polity through sponsorship of Insecurity in the State, and use of characters like Frank Nwaete to continue to misrepresent and misinform the public.

Not involved in White Elephant projects.

And so on and so forth.

In less than one year of his leadership of the Legislative Arm Of Government, Rt Honourable Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh has Effectively and Efficiently Demonstrated Capacity. What else do you need from a leader who has given so much to the State, his immediate Constituency (Obowo) and to humanity? Is it not to ask him to continue? 2023 is the deciding year.

Nke Nke Enyi N’Achikota Igwe Enyi Is A Movement.

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