SAD!!! 32 Persons Brutally Murdered, 750 Others Displaced And 21 Houses Burnt By Deadly Armed Group In Ethiopia.

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An active deadly armed militia group in Ethiopia restive Oromia region has killed at least 32 civilians in a weekend “massacre”, report by the national rights body reviewed.

The Ethiopia Human Rights Commission in a statement said that the brutal act occured on Sunday in western Ethiopia in an area known as Wollega with about about 60 armed and unarmed assailants involved in the violence.

“The Amhara ethnic group known to be Ethiopia’s second largest ethnic group and other victims were dragged from their homes and taken to a school, where the massacre was carried out”, said in a statement.

Death toll as announced by officials is 32 civilians but EHRC indicate the date rate is likely to increase.

A survivor who spoke on condition of anonymity do safety reasons said the violence erupted when the soldiers stationed in the area abruptly and in a precipitous manner vamoose, allowing OLA fighters to take over civilians and their homes.

“After getting hold of us, they opened fire on us, burnt down houses and afterward looted cattles.

“I have personally counted more than 50 corpses and I know others were hit by bullets”, the survival said.

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