Tension Heightens As Diaspora Ogonis Threatens To Expose Gun Running Politicans

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The people of Ogoni ethnic nationality in the diaspora have threatened to publish names and photos of gun running politicians in the four Ogoni local government areas of Rivers State.

The threat which has brought rising tension in the area was unanimously adopted by Ogonis living abroad which they said was necessitated by the incessant killings of innocent Ogonis by gangsters working for politicians in the area.

Confirming the threat to our correspondent, the leader of diaspora Ogonis and a Netherlands based-Ogoni, Dr Goodluck Diigbo said in the coming weeks, they will circulate the names and photos of gun running politicians in both national and international media networks.

Diigho who was a journalist working with the late Ken Saro Wiwa and was granted asylum abroad after the killing of Wiwa in 1995 vowed to deal decisively with politicians fueling killings of innocent lives in Ogoni.

He said, “we have evidence including the names and photos of politicians buying guns for the criminals in Ogoniland.

“We will expose them via the media and make such we decisively deal with them.

“Killings in Ogoni have gone beyond keeping quiet, and we will now tell these gun running politicians in Ogoni that we in the diaspora have all it takes to deal with them.”

Similarly, the youths of Ogoni have thrown their weights behind the threat made by the Ogonis living overseas.

The president, National Youth Council of Ogoni, Matthew Dighi told our correspondent that they have been working with their diaspora Ogonis to bring an end to the killings in Ogoniland.

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According to him, credible facts at their disposal showed that some gun running politicians are strongly behind the atrocities in Ogoni.

“Our diaspora kinsmen have our 100 percent support on this course to go after gun running politicians in Ogoni.

Though, the battle against them (politicians) will be tough but we the youths of Ogoni are ready to pay any price in order to free our land from senseless killings, “the youth president said.

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