The Yeyesa Of Iyere Kingdom Olori Asake Oluwaseyi Oguntimehin Adako speaks in an Exclusive Interview Session with 9News Nigeria her zeal for Development and Empowerment of Women and the Journey so far as a Queen in Iyere Kingdom of Owo Ondo State Nigeria.

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In this Exclusive Interview Session , our Program Presenter John Claire engages our guest The Yeyesa of Iyere Kingdom in Ondo State Olori Asake Oluwaseyi Oguntimehin Adako where she shared extensively her journey so far as a queen, her zeal for Development and Empowerment of Women in Iyere Kingdom of Owo Ondo State Nigeria.

Can we meet you Ma?

My Name is Olori Asake Oluwaseyi Oguntimehin Adako, The Yeyesa of Iyere Kingdom and Founder Olori Oluwaseyi oguntimehin-Adako Foundation(OOOAF).

Do you mind taking us through some of the challenges you’re facing as a Queen? How do you relate with the society?

It been a beautiful journey so far and some lessons have been learnt as well. Although this role have equally brought about some restrictions , they are certain things I can do then when I wasn’t a Queen which I cannot do anymore with regards to my actions and reactions particularly in the public Space

Speaking about your Foundation, Olori Oluwaseyi Oguntimehin-Adako Foundation, OOOAF, what inspired you to formed this foundation?

The foundation was formed to help the women particularly the widows in Owo Ondo State . This was what prompted my move to set up this foundation. I believe if women are empowered, they are able to build a reputable home that will better our society and the nation at large .

How do you find relating with Nigerian government while facilitating the interest of your foundation ?

so far, the foundation has not received any direct support from the government, but the foundation is ready to partner with the government, this will assist us in reaching out to more widows.

You’re from Owo, in Ondo State, can you tell us what fascinates you most about the Owo people?

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The Owo people have different cultural essence, such as their food, clothes and language. The owo people particularly the women are not lazy, they are very submissive and hardworking just like my own mother as well

You are one of the few Queen that loves and represent your cultural background, what can you say about the cultural decadence in our society today and how can we revive them

Well I make sure that I am not deterred by the western rules, I communicate the owo language to my kids , as well as Yoruba and English languages. I equally imbibe the Owo cultural mode of dressing, I wear the native attire wherever I go

Parenting has become more and more difficult in the Nigerian society and around the world today, how can parents, especially women ensure that their children are properly trained

Parents should make sure they get involved with their kids overall development , they should be their kids best friend, they shouldn’t leave their duties to the teacher, driver, or house help. They should instill good values in them. The eye contact mode of communication which I learned from my parents back then is what I still transfer to my children today. I scold my children and I ensure they are rewarded handsomely for every good work .

What is your proudest achievement of your foundation in owo Ondo ?

Good question! The proudest achievement of my foundation in Owo is to see how far i have been able to impact the lives of many women particularly the widows. The outcome of our activities to the glory of God is evident in their lives with regards to their wellbeing.

As a Queen of Iyere Owo, what advice can you give to women generally

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My Advice to women generally is that they should believe in themselves, they shouldn’t feel inferior not in the context of displaying any form of disrespect but believing in their ability to equally make a change and earn a living. They should value and build a home that will continually breed children for sane society. Some women lack self esteem, they depend solely on the other gender for everything, they should understand they have a lot to contribute to the society as well.

What message do you have for Nigerians ahead of the electioneering Year ?

My advice for Nigerians particularly the youths in the forthcoming electioneering year is for them to get their PVCs, follow their hearts and vote wisely

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