Truth Revealed: Umudibia Monarch Insists His Community Is Peaceful, Cautions False Alarmist To Stop Parading Falsehood

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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

“The true story of Umudibia alarmists revealed”

His Royal Highness Eze Godwin Merenini Dibia-1 of Umudibia Autonomous community in Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State Nigeria has called on his subjects to remain Peaceful as an entity created by God and as a united autonomous community approved by the law of the state that instituted its mandate.

The Monarch made this statement while briefing pressmen on Thursday March 17, 2022 in his palace.

He noted with dismay the attitude of some persons in the community parading Falsehood and raising false alarm to the security agencies, Council of Imo Ezes and Government over the issue of Youth Elections.

Eze Merenini stated that the story going viral on social media captioned ” FOR THE ATTENTION OF GENERAL PUBLIC” is a manufactured fake story from Mr Osinachi Amadi whose interest is to cause undue tension in the community.

The original copy of the alarmist’s letter reads as thus:

My Name is Amadi Osinachi Obioma from Umuokomoche Umudibia Nekede, Owerri West LGA,Imo State.

Am using this platform to call on the Governor of Imo State, Commissioner of Police and the Chairman,Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers over threat of life from HRH Eze Godwin Onyewuchi Merenini,the Traditional Ruler of Umudibia Autonomous Community.

The Traditional Ruler has been on my family’s neck since last year and on Thursday 10th March,2022 he sent his thugs and they mercilessly beat up my two brothers in the village as the said am their target and he threatened to tag me an IPOB and cult member using the black book given to him by state Government.

I want to inform the general public that if anything should happen to me or any member of my family, HRH Eze Godwin Onyewuchi Merenini and wife should be held responsible.

HRH Eze Godwin Onyewuchi Merenini is always in the habit of intimidating his subjects and taken them to court as he has over 50 court cases.

My only crime is that I advocated for the removal of a 54yr old man that has stayed in office as youth leader for over 17yrs without any single project.

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Friends, kindly help me and share this.

Amadi Osinachi Obioma.
I write from Umuokomoche Umudibia Nekede Owerri West LGA,Imo State.

On this therefore, HRH Eze Merenini had maintained that Osinachi’s claim holds no water and as such should be taken as a mere rhetorics.

Meanwhile, DIBIA-1 hinted that Osinachi’s quest started since his Late Father, Chief Samuel Amadi who stood same Ezeship Election with Eze Merenini, lost out at the preliminary stages of Umuonyiri kindred and Umukomoche level.

Besides, our correspodent gathered that on the same 10th day of March 2022, Eze Godwin Merenini was very sick but managed to attend monthly meeting of Ndieze Imo state at the palace of HRH Eze Amadi of Okolochi autonomous Community due to the crucial nature of the agenda of the meeting.

In his words, “I came back to my house with heavy fever and invited a family nurse from FMC Owerri who commenced immediate treatment before I was subsequently admitted at a private hospital and was discharged on 16th march 2022. So all these while, I was sick”

Going by this royal statement, how then can the said Osinach accuse his Monarch of such an act?

Also, one Mr Amadi Chukwudi (Akaraka), said he was threatened by unknown Hoodlums Allegedly sent by Osinachi to kill him same 10-03-2022.

On my interview with one Ndubuisi from Ngor Okpala, a tenant and a Mason in Umukomoche Umudibia Community reported to me that a brother to Osinachi Amadi by name Chukwudi Amadi has maintained that as long as he lives in Umudibia, Chukwudi Amadi will keep threatening him.

Our investigative team revealed that since there years ago, Osinachi and his family members labelled one Ahamefula Ajoku Umukomoche Community, a Rapist and charged him to court overnight and got him imprisoned because the young man has nobody to stand for him.

After the imprisonment, this same Osinachi descended on Nnanna Okere and took him to the police station but luck ran out of their ways as they wanted to arraign Mr Nnanna Okere to the Magistrate court Ihiagwa, the youth leader Chukwuma Ibekwe mobilized Umudibia youths to the police station and that foiled their family attempt to imprison another son of the soil.

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On Friday the 11th day of March, 2022, while Eze Godwin Merenini was on hospital admission Mr Nathaniel Amadi was arrested by the same Osinachi but was released on bail on saturday 12th.

In 2014 to be precise, Amadi’s family was sued in the High Court of Imo State of NIGERIA in the Owerri Judiciary Division, SEE HOW/238/14 Dated 9th Day, 2014.

Also, one Ekene Amadi, the last brother of Osinachi was detained in the police custody for nearly one week as arranged by same Osinachi Amadi.

Merenini added that Mr Osinachi Amadi wrote petition against him to Imo cp,the petition was directed to Nekede police station to look into and after meeting with the DPO,His claim was dismissed.

Again Ugoeze Merenini was insulted by same Osinachi when she conveyed some members of Umuokomoche attending His wedding at Egbu and also stood in under the rain as Ugoeze of Umudibia Community.

“Apart from the fact that the late father, chief Samuel Amadi opposed my candidature as Eze of Umudibia,I still made him a Cabinet member and conferred a Chieftaincy title on him before His demise.

“When Osinachi started this problems ,an Anglican Church member advised me to complain to His Lordship, Bishop Okorafor of Egbu Diocese and I visited my Lord Bishop in his Court and Bishop invited me the second time in the chapel before me and one Engr Berthram Ogwo of Egbu Community, I pleaded to go with as my witness, before us and in the presence of God our Lord Bishop advised him not to rebel against the authority”

Please there was no BLACK book given to me by the Government, Eze Merenini screamed.

Having these fact on ground as investigated by our 9News Nigeria, the Monarch added that Osinachi’s possible cause of anger against the traditional stool of Umudibia was provoked when he (Dibia-1) supported Osinachi’s younger brother Emeka at his traditional and white weddings whom the Amadi family refused to support.

While speaking with an elder Statesman and a Community leader in the area, Hon Ujunwa Okere stated that it is only dialogue that Umudibia Community can make progress and called on Osinachi to sheath his sword and embrace peace.

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The leader further added that, Osinachi’s quest for the community may be right and as such advised both parties to seize from violence and media war and better come to a roundtable to resolve and move Umudibia forward.

“I am an elder Statesman and a Community leader of repute. Whatever, be the case I ensue for Peace. Let the parties concerned sheathe their Swords. It’s only through round table Conference and dialogue that can bring about that desired peace. The Youth movement cannot achieve their aim through violent agitations. They are already in court now but the Court cannot give us true peace and reconciliation because it’s judgement is a win win thing.

Iadvocate for ADR alternative dispute resolution in solving this Community debacle. Thanks so much My investigative Journalist and be blessed” Hon Uju Okere concludes.

The councillor of Nekede Ward who happens to be a son of Umukomoche Umudibia Autonomous Community, Hon. Chikadibia OKPE added that, the man on the seat of Umudibia youth came by Government appointment and anyone fighting him is indirectly fighting the Government.

Moreso, Osinachi Amadi is not an APC member which implies that he is kicking against Governor Uzodinma’s order.

“Ezeship tussle in Umudibia Community with Umuerim village has remained a serious tussle, forgetting that the seat of a traditional ruler is a lifetime stool.

In futherance, there is an underground anti- APC party using him to insult the traditional ruler and questioned the orders of the governor” I am for APC and governor Hope Uzodinma is my vision, said councillor OKPE.

It is crystal clear that HRH Eze Godwin Merenini is not affiliated with any IPOB group and has not in any form sent thugs to attack the Amadi’s family as alleged by Mr Osinachi Amadi.

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

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