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As with anything that has been injected with life, there’s always an expectancy of growth. So from the time an idea, a dream, a child, a seed, or a hatching egg is born, if given the right nutrient and environment, it is bound to grow. The concept of growth albeit a natural phenomenon, requires some effort before it can be fully actualised. In other words, for anything to grow in life, work has to be done.

The year 2018 has seen the exponential growth of 9News Nigeria from a budding idea into a recognised brand. Despite the seeming natural and human challenges common with growth, the persistent effort and determination of our unwavering team has helped to defy the odds and put 9News Nigeria on its speedy lane.

At the beginning of the year with just about 5,000 followers on Facebook, our main goal was to reach out to more people with first-hand, unadulterated local and international news content, served on time every day of the week, bridging the gap in print media and online news dissemination. Today, reaching more than 48,000 Facebook followers and an interesting flood of readers on our website, we’re gradually putting the blocks in the right places in building a reliable brand for Africa and beyond. So we dare say let’s make it 50,000 followers before the end of the year, shall we?

To say we have come this far on our own would be a big blow on the truth. 9News Nigeria couldn’t have existed without you. So to you who has taken those precious minutes of your time to read our daily news both on social media and our website, we say thank you. To you who has participated by liking, commenting, and sharing our contents on social media, we say thank you. To you who has helped in giving us exclusive news as they happen anywhere in the world, we say thank you. To our committed partners – brands, organizations, public and private institutions, and individuals – we say thank you. And to you who believe in us to give you more in the coming years to come, we say a big thank you.

Indeed, the year 2018 has been an eventful year for all us, and as we walk boldly together into the New Year, we hope to remain stronger and keep our flame burning to always stand for the truth.

From All of Us at 9News Nigeria, thank you for 2018 and have a successful 2019.

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