What God Told Me Will Happen After Presidential Election If The Church Doesn’t Rise – Prophet Joshua

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With the long awaited 2023 Presidential Election drawing closer, God in His own wisdom has continued to unveil future events to His servants in the form of visions and revelations. In this light, according to Nwanneka Esi, the General Overseer of the Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has shared a message he claimed to have received from the Lord.

According to the prophet, there are some people who don’t want to see the glory of God being manifested in the country. The prophet who reiterated one of his prophecies, said, “God told me that Christians should wedge warfare prayers against every form of manipulation during the election. The Lord said that there is a conspiracy theory geared by enemies of this nation in order to prevent the Moses of this country from rising.

“If they succeed, things will get more ugly in the country. The only way to stop them is for Christians to rise and wedge powerful prayers”.

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