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At the age of 20 Anna found an approximation algorithm by a factor of two, which now has wide applications in operating systems, database systems, and VLSI chip design.

Worked with CME/CBOT, FCM’s and other participants of Futures and Commodities eco-system to promote algorithmic trading platforms to retail and institutional clients.

Following her PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the elite TechnionUniversity, Dr. Becker has founded and sold several AI companies in the FinTechspace and is now the founder and CEO of Endotech.

Her deep-learning algorithms manage over 1 Billion dollars of investment (AuM) and have been deployed in managing institutional monies for more than a decade.

Her teams of AI scientists have more than 20 proprietary AI systems in operation and serve as the AI investing backbone of trading at more than 150 investment firms across the United States, Europe and Asia.

Her publications have been distributed in the leading AI financial circles across Europe and America, and her Machine Learning systems have been integrated into the some of the world’s largest and most successful banks and funds worldwide including Dragon Holdings to MFGlobal.

Historical Background On Endotech & Dr Anna Becker

StrategyRunner was one of the first trading solutions developed by Dr Anna Becker which began in 2001 and was sold in 2011.

Go to https://www.linkedin.com/company/strategy-runner/about/

Just a few months after she founded Endotech and did custom strategies development for high institutional monies including family offices and hedge funds. Also she did auditions and due diligence as a fund of funds on other hedge funds, mainly fx and commodities also some stocks.

In 2017 Dr. Anna and her team made a spin-off of the Strategy Runner in the crypto market and to further develop work that had not been completed in Strategy Runner.

After many years of helping institutional investors, Dr Anna wanted to help the smaller Retail market and that’s how Endotech.io was born and then D.AI.SY. And the vision was always to create new rules in Fintech, to be innovative, and stand out frm the competition with ongoing development and product optimization.

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