2023 Exposition: Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Oru West Federal Constituency Rejects Second Term Gambit Of Uju Kingsley As Ughaala And Aide Exchange Words (Hot Read)

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From Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

On Wednesday, July 13, 2022 we made a sincere attempt to explain to the people of Ohaji-Egbema/Oguta/Oru West Federal Constituency not to take seriously the second term gambit of Uju, the Member representing the Constituency at the House of Representatives.

Our reason is that Kingsley Uju’s tenure as ISOPADEC SOLAD was darkest in the history.

In this contest, Collins Ughalaa KSC reels out his facts.


That he does not deserve a second term at the House of Representatives having performed poorly. Note the phrase “having performed poorly”. A poor performer has no business with second term.

Therefore, we posited that it is unprofitable, of no use whatsoever sending Uju back to the Green Chamber.

If only Uju had honest advisers, by now he would have apologized for his bafflingly poor representation, recused himself from reelection, and set about restituting to the people. Instead, Uju arrogantly took offence and unleashed his minnows on us. Most unfortunate.

One of the minnows now keeps vigil ascribing phantom achievements to Uju, in a last ditch effort to hoodwink the unsuspecting public. In response to this charade we have compiled 100 reasons Uju does not deserve a second term at the Green Chamber. But before we let that out, we would like to attend to something else first.

It is interesting that Uju’s aides are asking questions about ISOPADEC funds, looking for people in whose custody ISOPADEC funds are, but they failed to ask Uju those questions first.

Uju needs to tell us what he knows about ISOPADEC funds for the time he was Sole Administrator of the Commission between 2015 and 2016. As a good Nigerians interested in good governance and accountability, we offer to help Uju’s aides ask Uju questions about ISOPADEC funds by telling them some stories about Uju’s inglorious tenure as Sole Administrator.

If our memory serves us well, the story is that Uju became ISOPADEC Sole Administrator in 2015 and stayed for about 8 months. His 8 months reign as Sole Administrator of ISOPADEC is often described by many as the darkest period in the history of the interventionist agency. insiders say that apart from running a lifeless, uneventful tenure as Sole Administrator, Uju’s stay at ISOPADEC was enmeshed in unprecedented humongous corruption.


He was said to have run an opaque regime. According to the story – if I remember correctly – things were so bad under the SOLAD that his Special Adviser on Youth Mobilization resigned in protest against his maladministration.

Imo people have not forgotten that corruption in ISOPADEC was a serious concern that the interim administrator of Imo State, ‘Mallam’ Ihedioha, set up a panel to investigate ISOPADEC from 2011 to 2019.

If you want to verify this story, please get a copy of the report of the Panel.

Back to the story. Uju’s tenure has been described as one with no projects identified with it. None.

The SOLAD was said to have been on a long cruise to the point that he was lost in his cruise. ISOPADEC Youths were said to have complained that he was not even able to pay them monthly subventions.

This reportedly led to incessant rancor and protest. To save his face, Uju was said to have embarked on projects grabbing.

It was said that he rushed to “commission” the Community Primary School, Ejemekwuru, Oguta LGA and Umuorji Technical School in Ohaji/Egbema LGA and appropriated them to his uneventful tenure.

Ughaala Collins Ksc

Uju was infamously truant as SOLAD. Because of the way he ran ISOPADEC, it was said that he avoided coming to his office.

Beyond his truancy, the story was told that during his tenure the Commission operated two separate accounts, the first account was called Projects Account whereas the second account was for the running of the Commission.

Curiously, Uju was reportedly the sole signatory to the account. How he was able to do that remains a mystery. But those who told the story added that during the time ISOPADEC was held by the throat and almost choked.

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The story goes on. An interesting drama reportedly played out when the SOLAD was removed from ISOPADEC.

He was said to have refused to hand over the Projects Account to his successor but continued to operate the account even after he was removed as SOLAD. We thought some things were impossible. But this? Did it happen under our nose?

In November and December 2016 (or thereabout), it was said that the Accountant General erroneously paid in N250M for each of the months, money meant for the Projects Account into the account meant for the running of the Commission.

Uju was said to have asked his successor to send the money back to the Projects Accounts but the new helmsman refused. This was reported to have pitched Uju’s successor against him. And in no time Uju’s successor was booted out, in what many said was Uju’s making.

Please don’t ask me if we verified these stories. We have told you what we heard. We ask you to verify the authenticity of this story by getting a copy of the report of the Panel that probed ISOPADEC under Uju.

May we add that while Collins Ughalaa KSC served as Special Adviser on Media to the former ISOPADEC MD, Engr. Anthony Owuoma Okwuosha, for a period of four months, he had a lot of media exposures.

For each of them he presented proposals that went through the internal processes.

The proposals complied with the requirements, including submitting vouchers from vendors and showing evidence of work done before cheque could be issued. It smacks of ignorance for Uju’s aide to claim that ISOPADEC funds meant for media engagement went unaccounted for under him.

ISOPADEC never released money to him upfront for media engagement, let alone unaccounted fund.

This is the crux of the matter: Uju’s emergence as House of Representatives Member in 2019 was an error which has now morphed into a catastrophe, an affliction. It should not be allowed to happen the second time.

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It is written: “Whatever you plot against the LORD, He will bring to an end. Affliction will not rise up a second time”, Nahum 1:9, Ughaala maitained.

While responding the above exposition, Media Aide to Kingsley Uju stated the following. Read Him:

It is still on record that the white paper indicted the ISOPADEC MD you worked for in ISOPADEC that he misappropriated #800m in 6 months just to buy bags of rice and wrapper for women.

I even heard, the jallopy-push and start car you drive today, are part of the proceeds.
I will still give you the full details later.

It is quite shocking how you end up deceiving people with unverified facts just to justify the 20k they paid you this weekend, let me ask you, when you exhaust all your arsenals now, what exactly will you use when campaign starts?
It is quite laughable reading you.

That Supervisory commissioner will misappropriate such a fund under Rochas Okorocha and ISOPADEC staff and nothing happened?

This is laughable.
You no get séńsé.
No administration can beat that of Hon. Uju Kingsley in terms of projects carried out in the oil region, as Supervisory commissioner, ISOPADEC, records are there, go and verify.

If I may ask, was it the reason why ISOPADEC has become a shadow of itself, that the only thing the commission does is to struggle and pay salary?

My readers can adjudge the contents and drop their comments below.

However, facts will always speak for itself when the stage is set to vote in the next candidate or to vote out the worst in the race.

The people of Ohaji Egbema/Oru East Federal Constituency and Imo state at large can attest to the points raised above and make the best choice of candidate for the Federal House of Representatives Seat in the Upcoming 2023 Election.

More details will unfold as you keep reading us.

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