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The AFRICAN REFORMATION PARTY (ARP), got composed and instituted with thorough consideration of the failures, lapses, and shortcomings of the two intercourse political parties in operation.

The AFRICAN REFORMATION PARTY, seek to unite the diversification of NIGERIA to attain its better heights and greatness.

This becomes obvious in the 5th paragraph of the party’s manifesto. It reads ” As a people oriented political party committed to grass root development by legislating a fourth tier of government which will be known as the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (CDA). This tier of government will be responsible for Community development through annual budgetary allocations and shall be supervised by the regional governments.

The Local Government Area (LGA), will be granted autonomy from the states while COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION (CDA) which stands as a forth tier of government under the constitution, shall be administered under the law by the TRADITIONAL INSTITUTIONS through their traditional leaders in the community. This system will drive an inclusive government where Community Leaders and various associations will be stakeholders in addressing community needs and as well as promote development and ensure the security of the people”.


One can then deduce from this abstract of the AFRICAN REFORMATION PARTY’S constitution, that, the party is more concern about the common and general well-being of its citizenry by constitutionally extending governance to the people hereby collecting the natural resources available in each community for a common benefit through community policy ( COMMUNALISM ) as oppose to the partial introduction of mixed economy (CAPITALISM) by the present two ruling political parties. It is unamenable that the community people, themselves take care of the resources annexing, processing and allocation hereby securing transparency in governance which will not by any means give room for mis allocation of resources and revenue.

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Regionalism is another point of interest to the party for the REFORMATION intended but the party shall give room to compulsory and haughty respect of the people’s cultural heritage through each traditional institutions eventually leaving in us the sense of being BLACK we are as oppose to the governance principles of the THIRD WORLD.

This won’t only stop there but also lengthened its wings to Community Policy (AGE GRADE) to better provide adequate, regularly and effective security to the land while the FEDERAL SECURITY REMAINS INTACT AND RE-ENFORCED .

The implementations of these aims of the AFRICAN REFORMATION PARTY is indebted to our collective efforts hereby, makes the party irresponsibly to be accepted by any Nigerian who has the love of his/ her people and nation at heart.

Get integrated and let build the NIGERIA OF OUR DREAM.
Thank you,

OLADAPO Theophilus

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