Bola Ahmed Tinubu Does NOT Belong To The Tinubu Family In Lagos, His Origin Traced To Borno State

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By Farooq Kperogi

A bunch of lazy, vulgar hacks who didn’t bother to read my Saturday column are making false claims about it merely on the basis of its title and the snippet I wrote about it.

Some of them claim I said Bola Ahmed Tinubu is Kanuri and/or Shuwa Arab in order to delegitimize his Yoruba identity. Others claim I said he is Kanuri and/or Shuwa Arab in order to “northernize” him and make him acceptable to Muslim northern Nigeria.

All that these indolent lowlifes had to do was read the damn article and they would have found out that I made no such claims.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu does NOT belong to the Tinubu family in Lagos that traces its paternal ancestry to Borno. That was the crux of the column.

But a lot of these mercenary social media loafers can’t read beyond a couple of sentences.

The “real” (if that’s possible they, too, have no blood relationship with the legendary Madam Tinubu of 1800 Lagos) Tinubu family in Lagos actually publicly disowned Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 2007. He doesn’t have even the remotest association with the family.

Mr. Rafiu Babatunde Tinubu, a former Head of Service in Lagos State, wrote a book about the Tinubu family in 2007, which didn’t include Bola Ahmed Bola Tinubu as a descendant of the Tinubu clan.

He told newsmen, “Anybody that bears the name must have biological relationship with the cleric, the late Alfa Muhammed Bugara Tinubu.”

Maybe I should hire someone to be writing one-sentence versions of my columns for braindead, mentally low-wattage deadbeats who live for cheap, easily digestible soundbites.

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