BREAKING: Simon Ekpa Declares August 20th Total Lockdown in Biafraland

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“To show our readiness to exit Nigeria by 2023 & to prove Biafrans didn’t send @PeterObi & to further prove @PeterObi doesn’t represent Biafrans, our declaration of no mega political rally in Biafra, we declared 20.8.2022 sit at home civil disobedience as @PeterObi plan rally in IMO.

Save this date, no transportation from any part of Biafra to IMO. This particular site at home will demonstrate our readiness & also send a warning signal to whoever wishes to have a mega rally in Biafra. It is an insult, that all the killing in IMO, @PeterObi never said a word.

For the past one year, all the killing Biafrans in IMO state, @PeterObi never condemned it. He thinks Biafrans are a fool. Not @PeterObi not @atiku, not @officialABAT will be allowed to conduct any Nigeria mega rally after killing our people who all they wanted is freedom.

Any day any of these people call for a mega rally in Biafraland & we confirm it, that day will automatically become sit-at-home civil disobedience. We will lockdown Biafra & make sure no election or political rally is allowed. You can’t kill us & mock us at the same time.

We don’t have a military jet to fight back at this time, but we are going to use everything we have to fight Nigeria for our freedom including this sit-at-home civil disobedience until 2023 when we will finally exit Nigeria.

Those who take Biafra freedom or our resolve to exit Nigeria by 2023 for granted will live to tell the story”

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•••Mazi Simon Ekpe
August 15, 2022

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