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A THREE-MONTHS-OLD baby, Natalia Nakanyika, has been reported missing from church by her mother.

According to the mother, Alice Bwalya Sikanyika, her young sister was pampering Natalia when a woman asked to her if she could hold the baby.

The unidentified lady believed to be in her mid 20s reportedly went back in with the baby but no one could locate her at the end of the first session at The Seventh Day Adventist Church Tazara in Nakonde.

From 09:00hrs, there have been no signs of finding the baby and the mothers is fearing for the safety of the child.

Some Members of the SDA have said the suspect does not congregate at Tazara.

She is said to be fair-sized, light in complexion with short natural hair. She was wearing a grey blouse.

The baby was last seen in a black and white tracksuit – wrapped in a yellow shawl decorated with flowers.

Anyone with information can contact the family on +260979451707.

(#Credit: Chete FM in Nakonde)

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