Hon. Dozie Ferdinand Nwankwo signs the VOTE NOT FIGHT and commitments form

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In keeping with his platform that encourages intolerance of violence, Hon. Dozie Ferdinand Nwankwo, the APGA flag bearer and front-runner candidate for the Anambra Central senatorial seat, has signed the vote not fight and commitments form. Onye Ndozi’s dedication to creating an inclusive campaign that takes a stand against all types of electoral violence and vote buying is demonstrated by his signing of the document. The legislator welcomed the campaign’s organizers and thanked them for their work in defending the rights of people with disabilities, as well as for educating young people about the dangers of using their voices to advocate for or engage in acts of violence, hate speech, and vote buying during elections.

Onye Ndozi reaffirmed his commitment to leading a campaign that assures everyone’s safety, especially the most vulnerable. The honorable representative of the people, who has demonstrably served as an ambassador of peace over the past few decades, told everyone that his campaign will offer safety and freedom of participation for all in his political activities. He urged both supporters and opponents to endorse the vote-not-fight initiative.

Bia k’anyi #Dozie Anambra Central.

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