Hon Melie Onyejepu contesting the 2021 governorship elections in Anambra state? Read below.

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Who is Melie Onyejepu: for those who may not have known him or come in contact with him. He is one of the Senior Special Assistant to the current governor of Anambra state led by HE Willie Obiano on budget and planning and his long time ally in the banking sector.

Infact he is one of the kitchen cabinet member of Chief Willie Obiano’s failed Administration despite being just an SSA on budget and planning for the government.

The question yearning for answer in this piece, On if Hon Melie Onyejepu is truly contesting the 2021 governorship elections in Anambra state? Yes and I quote on his response to a lady in support of Soludo governorship ambition during the Oke Mmanwu festival at his home in Nnewi.” Shut up, we have supported the governor for his two terms and it’s our turn to be supported”.

For Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu, he has choosing to keep his taught and plans to become the No1 citizen of Anambra cum 2021 a secret and working behind scene.

Research has it on a good note that Hon Melie is working hard to skirm away with the governorship ticket of APGA Cum 2021 just as chief Nicholas Ukachukwu did during the 2019 APGA Anambra south senatorial primaries.

In 2019 while others where working visibily, the former Apga candidate for Anambra South senatorial zone was busy working through monetary and with the governors support which is believed as this new entrants footsteps too

In his case, His current influence so far on Willie Obiano’s Administration has indicated that he is already an annoited candidate of the governor before he started making the moves at the first place for the No1 position of the state.


His recent influence on the Apga led Government has Enabled him attract the following which are only political positions for his advancement of interest and not for the common man necessity.

  • The SSA to the Governor on budget and planning to himself.

*The house of Assembly Apga ticket to his same village man against a very rich man and one of the highest past APGA financier in Nnewi north

  • The Deputy chairman local government Transition committee Nnewi north attracted to his village.
  • The local government Chairman of APGA Nnewi north, attracted to his local village too.
  • And many uncountable SSA to SA which he used to settle a group formerly known as APGA Aggrieved ASPIRANT (AAA) to All APGA Aspirants which he is planning to use them for his governorship ambition.
  • Started funding the Afa Igbo Bu ofu Group in other to fight Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s Afa Igbo Efuna .Just to prove his capacity to the governor on how prepared he can silence opposition in Nnewi if entrusted with the party gubernatorial 2021 ticket.
  • He founded about 3 pseudo acclaimed foundations which are not visible in the core objectives of helping people rather they are only present on every political outings in the state and APGA as his party.

This Foundations are as follows:
1 melie foundations

  1. Syd foundations
    3 CAFE

This foundations are populary known for it’s political appearance and not on humanitarian basis.

The idea for him creating these foundations are geared towards using it to mobilize Apga and other party members, who are obviously ignorant of Hon Melie Onyejepu Political agenda of being the next governor of Anambra state.

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Also He is also working hard to install his ally as the next chairman of Nzukora Nnewi after he had an easy ride with the outgoing one.

In all, Hon Melie Onyejepu is moving behind the scene to pick up the party ticket and then contest the final gubernatorial elections.

Next is assessing how fit he is to governen Anambra state.

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