How a dreaded voodoo ritualist bewitched villagers and escaped in Umualum Nekede

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How a dreaded voodoo ritualist bewitched villagers and escaped in Umualum Nekede
How a dreaded voodoo ritualist bewitched villagers and escaped in Umualum Nekede
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By Princely Onyenwe, Imo

Series of necromancy and ritualist acts have continued to trail Imo people most especially places like Nekede where such act has been on alarming increase day by day.

Few weeks ago, the people of Umuite caught red handed a ritualist placing curse on their farmland and after a tip off, the man was caught in the act.

Penultimate weeks, same act was witnessed by the generality of Umuagwu people in Nekede where wooden caskets and some spiritual items were planted in one Chief Nwosu’s compound in a schemed bid to destroy fellow relative.

The elders of the community cannot say they are not seeing these trend of atrocities happening in their communities, but they have been keeping calm and secretly patronizing the practitioners.

Information revealed to 9News Nigeria has it that most of these elders in the communities abate on these acts and therefore cannot stand their ground to condemn such.

How a dreaded voodoo ritualist bewitched villagers and escaped in Umualum Nekede
How a dreaded voodoo ritualist bewitched villagers and escaped in Umualum Nekede

Few nights ago a man and his wife sneaked out naked and was making incantations against the youths and families of Umuagwu Umuoma Nekede.

Recall that a similar incident took place last year when a voodoo in the community was taken round the entire community and banished by the community but later on he went to court to seek redress and returned back to the community to implant more harm on people.

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In his report, Last night was like hell in Ekechi Family of No.10 Bus Stop where two young boys who rented a room turned the place into a shrine.

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The main culprit who often wore red gown was alleged to have been sweeping the compound every 12 midnight. He also had a big pot he kept inside the room for his usual rituals. Nobody took his acts to be anything serious until the ancestors reacted.

The young man was said to have taken a keke bus on higher purchase but sold the bus without the knowledge of the owner. The owner, after many weeks of requesting his bus without success, decided to seek the assistance of the police in the matter. The young man and his friend ran away on sighting the police.

Just last night, the young man sneaked into the compound to pack his property only to be accosted by the other occupants of the building. It was revealed there and then that he buried a live goat in his room. He was forced to escavate it and behold it was a gory sight to behold as the stench from the large animal was deadly. It was a money ritual, a very dangerous one.

The question now is: how and when did he bury the animal without the knowledge of the people in the compound? The goat was buried almost six feet. Are you aware that the landlord of the house allowed the ritualist to scots free? He never took the matter to Umualum Security Network.

This is one out of many such stories in Umualum. I heard two women discussing how they suffered greatly where they lived in Umualum. One of them complained bitterly how she lost three of her kids in a particular house. The other one talked about her husband whose businesses collapsed when they packed into another house. But, they claimed that the problem is purely in houses built by non indigenes.

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Our security system must be enlarged to handle cases of necromancy before our place becomes nicknamed as the devil’s community.

Just my candid view… ©️

Our government and security agencies should help and save the situation mostly as it affects ritualist act and insecurity in our communities this festive season.

9News Nigeria (Owerri)
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