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APC Party and Buhari
APC Party and Buhari
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Imo Forum for Democratic Advocacy has applauded President Buhari for his positive disposition towards the southeast in his recent appointment that brought SENATOR IFEANYI ARARAUME as Chairman NNPC BOARD.

In a communique signed by the director of communications, Imo Forum for Democratic Advocacy and made available to the press revealed certain odds in the appointment and solicit for a better Imo Son to take the position.

The original copy of the press release is below::


The truth must always be said otherwise the wrong things become culture.

We would like to start by thanking President Muhammadu Buhari (commander in the chief Federal Republic of Nigeria) for his positive disposition towards the southeast in his recent appointments, and directing Federal government policies that tilt towards giving the south-east what is duly and truly theirs.

In the same breath, we would also like to commend and appreciate our country’s chief law officer, the attorney general and the entire ministry of justice for standing up for imo people against the unjust, unfair and illegal status quo that rivers state government has been benefiting from at the expense of Imolites in previously dispossessing Imolites of oil wells that legally belong to us.

The FG filed a counter-affidavit against the writ of summons rivers state government lodged, with respect to the disputed oil wells.

The actions of rivers state government go against the boundary between it and imo state, as delineated in Nigeria’s administrative map 10,11 and 12 editions which are relied upon to determine the principles of derivation and revenue allocation principle as provided by our 1999 constitution.

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Senator Ifeanyi Ararume
Senator Ifeanyi Ararume

In all these Imolites would agree that Gov HOPE UZODINMA deserves commendation as his intentional policy of aligning IMO state and the south-east with the central government has yielded good fruits as we not only have the ears of the Federal government, Mr President is now listening to the people of the south-east.

In the case of Senator Ifeanyi Godwin Ararume who was appointed as the chairman board of management of the NNPC company limited. We commend the president for appointing an indigene of the south east to superintend over a company which oversees-a critical sector that generates 65 per cent of the government’s revenue, of which the south-east mainly imo state contributes a significant share to this figure through oil and gas activities that occurs in the state.

However as earlier stated, the truth must be told.

APC in the southeast has numerous qualified and experienced people in the OIL and GAS INDUSTRY and as such calls for a recall.

Ordinarily after the incorporation of the NNPC company limited, as a business entity, the president should have appointed someone with vast knowledge, experience and technical know-how in the oil and gas industry to hold such an important position in our nation’s economy.

The southeast has an army of qualified sons and daughters with the qualities listed above to represent us. Ifeanyi Ararume’s only achievement is being a senator and owner of a supermarket.

Secondly, Ifeanyi Ararume is a man of questionable character. His own Wikipedia page on its website describes him as quoted “Ifeanyi Ararume practises non-ideological politics. He jumps from one political party to another frequently”

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Ifeanyi Ararume holds the undesirable record of being the only major politician to have belonged to all the major political parties in Nigeria.

Additionally, his political and business career has been fraught with major controversies.

Nigerians would be concerned that a man who the former president Olusegun Obasanjo in 2011 described as a “big thief” is now heading such a prominent position.

We urge Mr President to reconsider this appointment, as it goes against reason and logic.

In conclusion, we request that Mr President should cast his net far and wide across the South East region and find more reputable sons and daughters who are qualified for this assignment, the group frowned.

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